Female, 10 years, Lhasa Apso/poodle X, 13 lbs

Dixie is a sweet, easy going older dog, looking for her retirement home.
• Likes:
o To curl up and sleep for hours in any chair or in her bed
o To cuddle on the chair curled up with you
o To be close to other dogs when they are playing or running through the house
o Loves car rides and will settle down very quickly – seems like a good excuse for a nap
o Her meal times and is a good eater
o To walk briskly when weather is above freezing and sidewalks are shoveled. Stays at your side, does not pull ahead on the leash
o To be rubbed under her ears and around her neck or on her belly

• Dislikes:
o Snow and cold (no surprise for a southern lady of her age). Walks hesitantly to start, sometimes needs to be picked up to pass a few houses to get started.

• Does not bark even when other dogs barking. Sometimes gives a low moan to get attention
• Good with other dogs and cats, unknown about children
• House-trained, has been taken for short walks 3 times a day to keep on a schedule so unknown if she would go to wait at the door when nature calls
• Would be excellent in an older adult home – 4 or 5 blocks is a long walk for her.

Dixie is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $350.00