Male, 8 months, Pharaoh hound X

Don’t let those wise golden eyes fool you, Shiro is all puppy at heart. This fun loving and mischievous little rogue is always up for an adventure. If he can find a way over, under, or through something he is going to explore. He even managed to squeeze himself through a cat door!

Shiro is still very much a puppy and will need someone patient to help him learn his manners. He is high energy, can be quite “mouthy” and is still learning not to jump up so might be better in a home with older or no children. He is doing well with house training and has even learned to go to the door to ask to go out. He also does pull quite a bit on leash still. However, the good news is that Shiro is very smart and loves to work for food, treats and toys. He is quickly picking up many new tricks including sit, down, and a hand target. He is also learning that the best way to ask for something is to sit nicely.

Shiro does well with other dogs he has met so far and is respectful of kitties. He is happy to curl up and sleep through the night in his kennel as long as you are close by. However, he has quite a set of lungs and will make it known he is unhappy when you leave him alone. He is also a happy barker and will bark when playing or while you are making his dinner. Unless you have some very understanding neighbours, he would not do well in a townhouse or apartment.

Shiro is very friendly towards people he has met so far and has been good in the car on the few trips we have taken. He is a brave and outgoing soul when meeting new people and experiencing new situations. So if you are looking for a fun loving adventure buddy, and are willing to put in the work that comes with a puppy, Shiro might just be the dog for you!

Shiro is being fostered in Airdrie, AB.

Adoption costs: $600.00