Male, 8 years, Pekingese X

Homer is a complete sweety! From the day he came to our home he has been an absolute gem. For the first week Homes slept pretty much all day, suffering from kennel cough, but he is well on the mend. His spunk is starting to come through. He is now walking 2 blocks when we head out, and although he has had no contact with any other animals yet, when he sees another dog he wags his tail and watches them.
If you are living in an apartment or concerned about noise, nothing to worry about here; Homes is literally the quietest dog you will ever meet. The only time he makes noise is when he is sleeping, or if he is scared. Although he follows us around the house, at this point he is not into toys. This may change as he settles into his new home. Oh did I mention that adorable little tongue? Yup, it is there to be seen at all times and is so cute!
He is great in his crate and walks well on leash. No problem in cars while in driving and hasn’t had any accidents in the house since after day 2. Having said that we take him out when he wakes up and after he eats. Our plan is to train him to use a floor bell to notify us he needs to go out. At night you can sleep well as he can sleep for hours. We are pretty sure he is mostly deaf, so he is still a little twitchy when you reach out to him. But overall you can pick him up and carry him and lay with him.

We are just waiting for this little guy to have his first vet visit, teeth and irritated skin will be fixed. We only feed him soft food at this time and he is now understanding what a treat is after he goes for his walks. Chicken and rice is what he has been feeding on since in our home. Homes has been staring at me the entire time I write this; I think he knows I am talking about him.

I don’t think he would have any problems with other pets, but at this time we are not sure. Kids are not recommended as he is still quite skittish at times and not really a player.

Homes will make you smile!! He deserves to find a home that will love him for the little quiet boy he is.

Homer is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00