Foster Home Needed


ID#: 19821
Estimated Age: 2 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: APBT X
Weight: 70 lbs
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No
Good with children: Yes
Special/Medical Needs: Is on anxiety meds.
Energy Level: High/Medium
Current Location: Whitecourt, AB.

Rosco is a 1-almost-2-year-old American Pitbull Terrier Mix. Rosco is a very high-energy dog but also has a very relaxed side to him. When it comes to walks and playtime, he will go for hours if you let him. But when it comes to relaxing time, you will 110% find him right on your lap, cuddling up to you as close as he possibly can. For 70 pounds, I think he feels like he's the size of a Chihuahua and is a lap dog. I can't express enough how cuddly he is. He always needs to be touching you. He is very affectionate and loves the affection in return.
Rosco doesn't like to be left alone as he struggles with separation anxiety. Being locked in a kennel is very hard for him as he will just panic and cry or break out of the kennel the whole time he is left alone. If he isn't in a kennel, he does alright in the house as long as there is a window he can look out of. Rosco is house trained.
Rosco also knows his commands to sit, lay down, paw (shake paw), come, stay, and drop it (when playing with toys). He's a very smart boy. Rosco would do best in a home with someone who has a stay-at-home job or a job where he can tag along, or even better, a farm where he can be around people and have lots of space to roam. But as mentioned before, he's alright being left home alone for short periods of time. If Rosco is left for long periods of time not kenneled, he will resort to getting into the garbage or pulling things off shelves, even if he has a bunch of toys and bones for him to be occupied. But he won't touch a single thing if you are home.
Rosco ideally would also do best in a home with no other pets. The pets he has been introduced to, he has done well with, but he gets a bit stressed if the animal is too energetic for him and constantly on his face or biting around his face and ears trying to play. He has been introduced to a cat, but he thinks the cat is trying to play when it's hissing or bringing out the claws, so he needs some work with cats.
Rosco walks well on a leash if he has a no-pull harness. Rosco gets pretty rowdy when passing other dogs. We use the commands "no" and "leave it," then we sit until the dog has passed by, and he is starting to understand the meaning of that.
Rosco travels well in vehicles and loves to go for runs in the bush where he can just be free to be a dog for a little while. Rosco has a slow feeder bowl as he would eat too fast when we first got him, but he has finally learned he can pace himself and will often just nibble at his food throughout the day.
Rosco has a very sensitive tummy to any human food or greasy dog bones, so we put pumpkin in his food every day to help with that.
Rosco is great around children, and when Rosco is happy, he will grunt, snort, and smile at you. It's very cute! He usually does this when you come home. Rosco is a power chewer, so stuffy toys are not. He loves to play tug rope and fetch. He returns the ball and will drop it when using the command "drop it." He would play ball for hours if he could. He likes to swim but only up to his chest, just enough to cool off. He enjoys camping, but you have to watch out for wildlife like squirrels as he thinks it is a game of chase.

Adoption costs: $650.00