Medical Hold


Male, 10 years, shih tzu X

Sid is an adorable senior dog who is very independent and easy going. I don't even think I have ever heard him bark! He is great with other dogs and kitties. He is a good little eater and no resource guarding issues. He does wear a belly band as in our house he is prone to marking. He is very good about going outside to do his business. At the moment he has developed a backwards sneeze and a bit of congestion due to climate change. He is overcoming this daily and today is his best day yet. He puts total trust in us and loves my husband. He is a mellow soul who wants nothing more than to have his neck and belly scratched. He is great on leash and in his kennel. He sleeps quietly through the night and needs someone very special to love him in his golden years. We have great affection for him and we are sure you will fall in love with him too!

**Sid has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart and will require a pill daily for the rest of his life. It is recommended that he have regular veterinary appointments to monitor his condition.

We also suggest Sid eat a raw food diet as there has been a link between enlarged heart disease (DCM) and commercial dog food kibble.

Sid is being fostered in the Crowsnest Pass.

Adoption costs: $350.00