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ID#: A128783-A
Born in care: May 17, 2023
Sex: Male (His neuter surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Husky Mix
Estimated Weight: Unknown
Good with dogs: Yes, he is good with the resident dog
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Yes, but he is a puppy so he will need to learn manners but his foster is working with him on not being mouthy
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium- High
Current Location: Red Deer, AB
Adoption fee: $725

Long legged Makenzie

Makenzie, aka Mak, is the first born of Cricket's litter. He is outgoing, loyal, loving, and brave, so much so that he was the first out of the whelping pool to play with his Auntie Grace (resident dog).

Mak is very intelligent. If he finds a problem, he will solve it. He has figured out how to climb out of both the x-pen and over the indoor gate. He has also watched his Auntie Grace open our back door and tries to pull on the handle, but doesn't quite have the weight to push it down and let himself in. If he were a bit older and bigger, I imagine he would be letting himself in.

Mak is very energetic and loves to play with toys, go for a good walk or two, but especially loves to run with his mom, Cricket, and Auntie Grace. He is not as fast as the other two dogs but keeps up pretty well with them so we imagine he will get faster as he grows. When he is done playing, he is happy to have a little nap and loves to snuggle up to his Auntie Grace.

Mak loves children and has done great with my nieces (ages 14, 10, and 8), but may be better with older children (8+) or children who are a bit dog savvy as he can forget his manners when he is excited and rocket launch jump into your arms, we are working on this though.

Mak is used to and extremely comfortable resting and sleeping in a metal crate (I have not tried a plastic crate) and sleeps for about five to six hours each night without needing out, but he would rather sleep with you on your comfortable bed or couch if you will let him.

Mak is pee pad train but has not used one in a while and is great at going out to potty. He loves being outside rain or shine, loves grass and dirt, and loves playing in water.

Mak knows “sit” and “stay” and will wait as patiently as he can until you say “okay” for his food. He is learning “leave it,” “lay down,” "watch me," and to sit and stay at thresholds/doorways. He walks pretty well on a leash but can sometimes get distracted by other dogs walking/barking, though I have been able to regain his attention quickly. We have also started to use a clicker to train him.

As Mak is still a puppy, he can be a bit mouthy when excited or a little grabby when taking treats, but he is getting better at being gentle and taking his treats gently.

The ideal home for Mak would be one where he would not be left home alone too often for lengthy periods of time and/or with a furry companion as he has grown up in a home where someone is typically home.

Mak will be a great adventure partner and make a wonderful addition to any home.

His mom is Cricket who is a 39 lbs. Husky mix. Makenzie’s father is unknown.

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Adoption costs: $725.00