Male, 2 years, chihuahua X, 12 lbs

Dibs is a very sweet boy. However, he can be quite protective at times of things like his bed or toys.

Dibs is a very high energy boy. We have been playing a lot of fetch. We are still working on him giving the toy back to be thrown again. Right we rotate between 2 throw toys so he is always on the go.

Dibs is good with my son, but sometimes barks a lot at him when he walks past his pen. Liam lets Dibs smell his hand and Dibs calm down quite quickly.

Dibs does not like strangers when he first sees them. It takes time for Dibs to calm down before he can be around anyone besides myself and Liam. He has met a friend of mine to see how he reacts. Dibs was pretty good. He did get overstimulated and began to get aggressive. so i had to put him back in his pen to calm down. Once he calmed down I was able to let him out again.

Dibs is good at sleeping in his pen area with no issues throughout the night. However when he is out of his pen he feels the need to mark everything. This is probably due to not being fixed and smelling my female dogs in the house. We are currently working on getting his potty training in order. He does go outside to do his business but still has a few accidents in the house.

Dibs would be good in any home. He has not been cat tested, so I do not know how he would react. He would need more training if there are small children, under the age of 5, in the house as he can be aggressive.

Dibs doesn't seem to mind the leash but hates the snow and cold. So we have not gone out too much. He runs in the yard for a few minutes but can't wait to get back inside.

Dibs has a huge need for attention and loves to do a little dance standing up on his back legs and waving his arms to get your attention. He even makes little love grunts if you don't look at him right away LOL

Dibs does get along well with my other foster Cindi, but would need time to get used to other animals in the house. Dibs can be a barker. He doesn't like doors opening and closing in the house and will bark. He barks a lot when he sees strangers as well. He doesn't bark throughout the night or when he is left alone in the house.

With some extra training and love Dibs will make an amazing addition to any family

Dibbs is being fostered in Strathmore, AB.

Adoption costs: $495.00