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Name: Hera
ID # RT20230331-1
Estimated Age: 6 years old
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Weight: 36 lbs.
Good with Dogs: No. Would do best in an only dog home as she is protective of her people
Good with Cats: No
Good with Children: Older/dog-savvy children
Special/Medical Needs: Showing signs of separation anxiety. She appears to have a meat protein allergy so the fish-based food is agreeing with her.
Estimated Energy Level: Low to Medium
Current Location: Airdrie, AB
Adoption fee: $650

Hera is perfectly house trained. Although we have not seen her ask to go outside, so we don’t know what that looks like with her. It appears that she is used to staying in for the night so she tends to be good for a last pee after dinner sometime (We feed her at about 6) and then gets through the night until breakfast (which we’ve been doing at about 7). She will easily go in her kennel with the simple coaxing of a treat, and sometimes no treat. She’s definitely a people dog… Wants to be with the humans. If you talk to her, she talks back.

She sits, lies down, and shakes a paw. She eats really fast, and drinks lots of water. She loves her treats, so she’s easily motivated to listen or do things for food. She’s not a barker in the yard at passing people or dogs, but she will bark a little if she’s lonely and wants to come inside, though as she’s getting into a routine that she’s becoming familiar with she seems to be getting less and less barky, knowing what to expect from her humans, so I think that’s situational. I think she might actually be a quiet dog.

I do think she has some separation anxiety, so when she gets kenneled, she will bark if you leave, so she tolerates it better if there’s a tv on, or if there’s a human in view of her. Certainly, if she’s kenneled at night, she will need to be able to see someone until the house is quiet. Otherwise, she sleeps just fine in there once she’s settled down.

She appears to have a meat protein allergy, so the fish-based food is agreeing with her. We’ve been limiting her treats to fruit and veggie-based dog treats, or fresh apple slices and peanut butter type things and her tummy seems to be much better.

She’s so great on walks. She walks on a very loose leash, doesn’t get distracted much by other dogs or people, though she seems to get nervous if there’s a lot of activity going on around her, like construction noise, or lots of kids screaming at a playground.

She is also great in the car. She appears to love car rides and is very relaxed. She prefers to sit in the back seat. A lot of the time she curls up and has a nap.

She has not been tested with cats, but we have seen her chase bunnies and birds in the back yard.

As far as other dogs are concerned, this is hard to answer with much certainty. With our dogs, Hera became reactive only whenever the dogs would get attention from the humans in the house. On the walk with the dogs however, she had no problem whatsoever. (Our dogs are very docile and trained released service dogs). Outside she had no problem. And on some occasions passing them in the house while getting her to her kennel she was perfectly content with them there. Also, while she was kenneled, she had no issue at all with them in the room, coming near the kennel, etc.

Meanwhile, when Hera and I were out walking alone, someone had their dog off leash, and that dog ran right up to Hera right to her face and Hera didn’t flinch, showed no signs of stress, no signs of reactivity, no barks or growls, didn’t tug on the leash, and I was able to direct her away from the dog quite calmly without incident.

So, my suggestion is she should go to a home where she is the only pet, but that possibly she may only be protective or jealous of her humans and not dog selective. Hard to tell so early on.

Also, I think a house with older dog-savvy kids would be best as I think she does tend to be anxious, and can be a little mouthy when she’s playful.
She’s very, very sweet. She sits as soon as she sees the leash, or a treat and puts her little paw up. She likes balls but she doesn’t play a long time. She she’s low - med activity level pup. And definitely a couch cuddler.

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Adoption costs: $650.00