Female, 2 years, Lab X, 58 lbs

What can I say about Izzy? There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing she is. She is one of the sweetest, most well-behaved dogs we have had in our home. She is extremely affectionate and warmed up to us instantly. If she has a warm lap to cuddle up on, she is the happiest pup. If she had her way she would lie on you all day and soak up all the attention. That being said, since she needs a lot of attention, someone who is home a lot or works from home would be the best for her. She likes to know where you are all the time and will follow you around like a little shadow. But if she has her bed nearby she will gladly curl up in there while you work. She has a bit of separation anxiety, so that is something that will need time and work.

She is a strong girl and doesn’t know her strength, so she pulls a lot on walks, but a front-clip harness has really improved that. She will need some further work to walk on a leash properly and someone strong who can manage her when she gets excited. We’ve only met a few dogs on our walks, and she is quite playful and just wants to hangout and make doggy friends. Although she is playful, we think she might benefit from being the only dog in the home because she loves having everyone’s attention on her. She rarely barks unless she sees dogs from the window. She adores her toys and will proudly carry them around the house to play on her own or with one of us. She sleeps really well in her crate at night and is very comfortable in there as long as she can see you. Sometimes she will go in her crate on her own if we are off doing something, but she prefers to be with you or in her own bed (or yours). Her ideal home would be an active family with older children so she can get all her play out and get tons of attention. She is housetrained, she only had one small accident in the house, but with structured walks and time in the backyard she has been so good at going outside. A fenced backyard is a must. She needs structure and boundaries because with that will allow her to thrive and she has so much potential. She is food motivated so training would be no issue. She already knows sit, stay, down, come, and she is learning recall really well. She loves the car and will usually sleep or look out the window. Not sure how she would be with cats, but I feel like she would be a little overwhelming for a cat.

If you are looking for a cuddly, patient, sweet and active family dog, then Izzy might just be the one for you. Her white paws and floppy ears will wiggle their way into your heart instantly and I promise you are in for a lot of love.

Izzy is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00