Name: Frisbee
ID#: OS20230808-1G
Estimated Date of Birth: June 16, 2023
Sex: Male (his is neuter surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners) Estimated Breed: American Bully Mix/Rottweiler/Lab (he also shows mannerisms of a Boxer)
Weight: 20.5lbs at 12 weeks
Good with dogs: Yes - he’s a funny and confident guy and loves all dogs. He’s learning manners when meeting new dogs as he can be a bit boisterous and over confident at times. He would also be fine as an only dog and plays well with toys and humans.
Good with cats: Unknown, but likely would chase and try to play.
Good with children: Likely very good however is learning not to be mouthy and jumpy. He does very well with our seven year old neighbour who is dog smart.
Special/Medical Needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium but will be High as he ages - needs an active household or people or dog to play with
Current Location: Calgary
Adoption fee: $725

Meet Frisbee. The Last of the Mojo Crew. Mom Mojo and her surviving six pups (of eight; two were sadly shot) were rescued just-in-time from Wetaskiwin. Frisbee’s siblings were all adopted very quickly and it’s not hard to understand why - he is a sweet, silly, smart, handsome, confident and loveable little boy with a very bright future. He also gives the best kisses!

Frisbee might just win the award for funnest, silliest and most expressive foster puppy we’ve ever had! He is an active little boy full of excitement for life and isn’t afraid to show it. He loves rolling around in the grass and spends a lot of time playing upside down with toys and us. He has had zero accidents in the house since we took over fostering him at 12 weeks old. He goes out once during the night since he’s so young and hardly makes a fuss being in his wire kennel.

Frisbee is super smart and is excelling in private dog training classes - he’s already a favourite. He is so happy to please and comes when called and can sit, shake, and lay down. Apparently he has a lot of mannerisms similar to a Boxer and uses his front legs to play and express himself. Frisbee is amazing in the car and mostly just lays down or looks out the window - he will make an amazing adventure dog.

You will quickly fall in love with Frisbee and he will offer you unconditional love in return. ♥️

Adoption costs: $725.00