Mrs. Puff

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Name: Mrs. Puff
ID # A143543
Estimated Age: 8 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: American Bulldog Mix
Weight: 48 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes, Mrs. Puff would do best in a home with smaller, friendly, or indifferent dogs
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium/Low
Current Location: Calgary, AB
Adoption fee: $375

This is Mrs. Puff! She doesn’t respond to this name, so you could easily change it. She’s currently being fostered in a home with two miniature dachshunds, no cats and no children.

Mrs. Puff would do best in a home with smaller or similar size, friendly or indifferent dogs. She would also do well as the only dog in the house. Cats are unknown. Children are unknown but she likely would be okay with them as long as they’re respectful of her.

She is a very solid little lady who loves scratches and belly rubs. She’s 50 pounds of pure muscle. She loves giving kisses but knows not to give them unless you ask. She loves to zoomie around the yard and roll around in the grass. She hasn’t shown much interest in toys. She loves sleeping on the couch and rearranging the pillows for maximum comfort. She likes to snuggle up to her pillows and nap the day away. She will snuggle up to her people often.

She’s potty trained, and will let you know when she wants go out & come back in by standing at the door. She is easy to harness. She walks well on a leash, doesn’t pull and ignores other dogs/smaller animals. No prey drive has been noticed. She doesn’t stop to sniff often. She greets new people with a wagging tail in hopes that she gets some scratches and pets! She will go into her kennel as long as there’s treats involved and doesn’t make any noise once she’s in. She sleeps soundly in her crate overnight and during the day when no one is home. No separation anxiety has been noticed. No destruction when left alone.

Mrs. Puff does not want to be picked up - she tucks her tail & cowers down when she thinks she might be. She hasn’t shown aggression, but she is showing that she isn’t okay with it. We are slowly working on this with lots of treats and praise to make her more comfortable. We haven’t been able to lift her into the car to see how she does on car rides out of her kennel. She’s happy to put her front paws into the car but hasn’t mastered jumping into it yet. If she goes into her kennel and her kennel is lifted into the car, she is happy as can be on car rides. She can go up and down stairs with no problems!

We are working on basic commands. She now knows sit, down and we’re working on stay. So far shes very good at “come here”. When there’s treats involved she does her best to listen but sometimes loses focus. She takes treats gently from your hand. She does not resource guard her food. She likes to be right at your side if you’re eating or cooking food but waits patiently without begging to see if you’ll share.

She is a structured girl who picks up routine quickly. She can’t wait to find her forever home where she can be spoiled and loved.

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