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Name: Savannah
ID # A145145
Estimated Date of Birth: August 17, 2015
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Poodle Mix
Weight: 9.7 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: Savannah is completely blind in both eyes. She is showing signs of separation anxiety.
Estimated Energy Level: Low
Current Location: Calgary
Adoption fee: $650

Savannah is a great dog for a quiet family where there's someone home most of the time or someone able to train her out of separation anxiety. She is low energy, fully house trained and generally quiet. She's a friendly pup when it comes to humans of all ages. Not mouthy, not jumpy, no food aggression at all. She is polite towards other animals but generally doesn't care for them and has no prey drive. She can walk for up to half an hour before she's tired. We currently do 3-4 short walks each day to keep her active and she sleeps for the rest of the day. She loves being next to humans and will actively nudge whoever's home to let her nap on their lap. She's an angel as long as there are people around. However, Savannah came into foster with intense separation anxiety and will become loud and destructive if no one shows up within minutes. The foster family has 2 full time WFH adults so there's usually always someone close by. Her adopting family needs to be prepared to continue training. It could be helpful if the adopting family already has a confident dog to keep her company.

Special conditions:
• Fully blind. She navigates pretty well by sound and smell. Would do best in a calm and tidy home where there's no risk of tripping over objects on the floor and no sudden loud sounds (especially from small children) which she is easily scared by.
• Has separation anxiety if no one is with her when she is awake and quickly panic. Crate panic behaviors include: howling constantly, peeing in her crate, aggressively scratching and trying to break down the crate door. If she's not in her crate, panic behaviors include: scratching all surfaces around her, shredding any rubber or fabric objects close to the exit, able to escape a 2ft tall X-pen through a combo of climbing and jumping. Luckily, she tries her best not to pee indoors as long as she's not in a crate.

Breakdown of observations
Chewing: zero chewing issues. She does not chew anything other than food given to her. Leaves plants, shoes, wires, and all other household items completely alone. She also does not really play with toys and prefers to sleep while the humans are busy.

Leash walking: she's so gentle on the leash, never once yanked and mostly follows behind us when walking. A lot of stop and sniffs. Need to be careful guiding her to step up and down curbs as with her small size, she can face plant on the ground if she accidentally steps off a curb.

Tricks: she does not know any tricks on command. She does know to paw at the front door when she needs to potty.

Potty: can hold it in for 10ish hours and will let you know when she needs to go by pacing and pawing at the front door. Knows to not potty in any indoor spaces. When outside, she actively searches for grass or rocky textures to pee on.

Dogs: submissive towards other dogs and is polite with sniffing. She does not seem interested in other dogs for interactions beyond basic sniffing. She will stay quiet and never bark back even if other dogs bark at her.

Cats and other animals: untested but she has zero prey drive and never chases birds or squirrels. We don't anticipate issues with cats.

Children: she was super gentle with a 3-year-old neighbour however did get spooked when the child suddenly got loud and excited. No aggression from her but she did back away a little scared. Would do best with respectful children who can keep calm around her.

Adults: friendly with all humans we met.

Cars: good with car rides, will fall asleep quietly beside you

Condo life: knows to check for the floor gap when entering and exiting the elevator. Also good with walking in corridors and never jumps on neighbours passing by. Never barks at other units even if there are noisy children or barking dogs behind the doors.

Crates: strongly dislikes her crate as well as confined spaces such as any rooms with door closed or her x-pen. See above for separation anxiety details.

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