Adoption in Progress


Name: Winter
ID # RT20230914-1
Estimated Age: July 16, 2021
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Husky and Shepherd Mix
Estimated Weight: 65 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: Winter is a right hind leg tripod
Estimated Energy Level: Low-Medium
Current Location: Spruce Grove, AB
Adoption fee: $650

Winter has recently become a tripod, approximately two months ago with the loss of her rear right leg. She has healed fast from her amputation and spay surgeries, and was always in good spirits. She is very capable with getting around. She has overcome many challenges in a short period of time. The challenges that she has dealt with have been with a cautious, but can do attitude! She is doing much better walking on leash and gets excited when she sees her leashes and harness coming out as well as walking longer distances as she gets used to her three leg situation. She still slow and steady and likes to sniff her surroundings but has been picking up distance each time the past few weeks, as she gets used to her new situation and builds endurance. Most of her time has been in the big yard where she can be quite energetic, and playful with my other two dogs. She initiates play and gets around amazingly, like you would not even know that she had a disadvantage! Then there is the other side of her, where she Loves to lay down and just survey her surroundings or have a nap.

When I first brought her home, she had a hard time coming into the house and wanted to stay outside on the deck, but as she got used to me and her foster siblings and indoor life, she now comes and goes easily and has been adjusting to the lifestyle and enjoying the comforts of indoor life like dog beds, occasional couch time and snuggles. Sometimes she just likes the solitude of being on her own or being near and having the touch of a foot or a hand and sometimes she wants a belly rub! When meeting new people she can be a bit shy at first, but is very friendly, and will slowly approach for pets.
She loves her food and patiently waits for it to be prepared. She likes chewing on Nyla bone and Bena bones and things like that. She also enjoys chewing on soft squeaky toys but her foster brother sneaks into her pen and destroys them, hence why we just have the more hearty chew type toys. She definitely loves playing and wrestling around with her siblings and playing tug with her foster brother. She adapts her play style to the 2 dogs here.

Initially, I built her a ramp to get up onto the deck, used to come and go from the home to the yard. She learned that immediately! Now she has mastered the five stairs, and I'm sure that she can do more. I have found that she has absolutely no issues with traction on the wooden deck or grass or carpet. She's been cautious and does well on linoleum, but was struggling on laminate flooring. I have put down mats with nonslip bottoms, and she has learned to trust them and moves extremely well on them, but she has also been trying and succeeding at slowly walking on laminate flooring.

She has never really used a crate here. She tried the first few days, but the metal clanging as she fumbled around, trying to get comfortable seem to annoy her and she would come out and just sleep on the bed that was also in a penned off area, and she does really great in there. I am sure she would get used to a crate.

She has not had a single accident in the house and my Furbo has only notified me three times that she was barking while I was gone. She does a husky yodel kind of sound when she wants some thing, I have learned to interpret her different tones for what she wants such as pets, or to go outside or to play. But that and barking have become more rare as she has fit in with the routine here. She is very pack neutral, and has not shown any reactivity, no resource guarding and I have not seen any reactive tendencies or prey drive. I have been told that she has lived with cats and was indifferent with them. She's definitely just a kind soul that goes with the flow. She has met preteens, young adults and adults and has always been fine and gentle. I am not sure about little ones. I think she is so sweet and would do well, but just might bump them as she's occasionally awkward walking on three legs.

Overall, I think she would do great and adapt, pretty much anywhere, and any situation. I think a home with another pet might be best for her, as she loves her siblings so much and play. As long as she has toys and gets lots of attention, along with her times of solitude that she enjoys. She may also do well as the only dog in the home currently I would say she's low to medium energy.
Did I mention how SOFT she is? And her recall has become really good as well!

Adoption costs: $650.00