Female, 1 year, chihuahua X, 12 lbs

Cindi is an absolute sweetie. When she first arrived, she was extremely shy and scared of people. Cindi has warmed up some with me and will let me pet her. She does let me pick her up, but once I sit down she wants down and goes to her own place, usually her kennel

She likes to hide under things in the house, but will come out when I call her.

She sleeps really well in her kennel, this is where she prefers to be at night. If I let her have access to the house at night she will run around the house and bark, at nothing.

Cindi has taken quite quickly to going outside to do her business. Cindi is good at letting me know when she needs to go outside, she goes right to the backdoor and just looks at me to go out. We do have to be pretty tricky to get her back in the house. I think if she could she would stay outside. She is not used to being in a house.

Cindi is very calm and gets along great with my 2 dogs. She has never shown any aggression toward my dogs or my son. She is quite scared when people are around so we try to give her a lot of one on one time.

Cindi has not been cat tested, So I do not know how she would be, but I don't think she would have a problem with cats.

Cindi will need a lot of love and a lot of time to get used to her new family.

Cindi does not like the leash. I have put the leash on her and she has worn it around the house, but the second I touch the leash she freaks out and starts bouncing everywhere trying to get away from it. It will take trust and training for her to be ok with the leash.

Cindi does not bark during the day. The only time I hear her bark is at night when I have allowed her to stay out of her kennel. Once I put her back in her kennel she calms right down and doesn't bark at all.

Cindi will be a great little girl to any family, she is such a sweetie pie

Cindi is being fostered in Strathmore, AB.

Adoption costs: $495.00