Available for Adoption


Name: Knight
ID # A142540
Estimated Date of Birth: May 24, 2019
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: American Bully Mix
Weight: 88 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes, but prefers smaller dogs or females
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown, but older because he might accidentally topple them over
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Unknown
Current Location: Edmonton
Adoption fee: $650

HI GUYS, I’m Knight! (or as my foster mum has affectionately nicknamed me, “gym bro” – because she says that I look like I bench press small cars for fun and have sometimes strut like the guys at the gym that focus too much on their traps and walk with their arms lifted away from their torsos) BUT – even though I look like a giant tough dude, I’m actually just a bodybuilding, shetland-pony sized teddy bear. My absolute favorite thing is to maul you (lovingly) to give you big slobbery smooches all over. I’m still learning that some people may not like it if I try to crawl all over you to give you smooches – I’ve been told I’m not the size of a small lap-dog, but I still think it’s a lie – because I do fit quite nicely in laps. I absolutely LOVE to snuggle and will ALWAYS want to hang out on the couch with you, and my foster mum says I make quite the lovely heated weighted blanket (which is apparently perfect for winter). One of my favorite weighted blanket positions is to stretch out lengthwise on you and have my head snuggled right up to you (for sneaky smooch attacks, of course!)

I love to play and wrestle with my foster sister, but I’m a pretty big pushover (and a little lazy), so often I will just flop on my back like a flipped turtle and wiggle from side to side to play with her like that. The rope is probably my favorite toy right now, but bones are super fun (especially when there’s peanut butter as a delicious snack inside), and I also really like this super-durable ball that my foster mum calls “square-ball” – because it’s not round so it bounces all over in different directions and it’s SUPER fun to try and catch it. (I’m also not the most coordinated with catching it, so apparently, I’m quite funny to watch as well) I don’t quite understand the concept of fetch yet; in fact, I’m not sure why whenever I get the ball my foster mum just throws it away from me again (I mean, I just caught that sneaky ball!) I do let her take it out of my mouth if she wants though without a fuss, but if I’m laying on the couch and she throws it off the couch, I usually don’t like to get up from my comfy spot again and over-exert myself. I’ll go get it if it’s a couple feet away from me though. Apparently, I’m not allowed to have any plushie soft toys, because my foster mum says I immediately stand on them and try to eviscerate them by pulling out their stuffing-innards. When I’m playing with my foster sister or get too excited, I sometimes still get a little mouthy, but I’m fairly easy to redirect playing with the rope again when that happens. I don’t bite hard when I’m mouthy, but I’ve been told it’s still a little too rough if I want to play with my humans. My foster sister is very gentle and basically gums you to death when she plays, and I think I’m slowly learning from her how to be a mouth gentler, but I still sometimes just get so excited that I forget. I’m also still learning that I can’t jump up at you when I get overexcited and want to play with you; my foster mum says that people don’t like having brick walls running into them, so I might not be the best fit if you have small children, just because I might accidentally topple them over.

I don’t love my crate (because I’d rather be next to you) but I will usually go in without complaint and I’m pretty mellow in there and just chill until you let me out again. My foster mum says that I have the cutest wiggles when I get to come out, there’s some tippy-tappying with my feet and sometimes I wiggle myself into a croissant-shaped bully in all that excitement. I have been in the crate whenever my foster mum isn’t at home and at night, just because I haven’t quite mastered all my good boy manners and behavior in the house – I’m mostly house-trained (I’ve had the odd time where I’ve marked on a wall or similar) but for #2 I seem to understand that we do that outside, and I have always kept my crate perfectly tidy while I’m in there. Because I’m from California and this weather is quite chilly for me already, sometimes I have to be gently (moderately) nudged out the door in the mornings to do my business, because I’d really just rather stay inside where its warm. My foster mum doesn’t think I was taught any (or much) about things I can and can’t chew on in the house, and I’m usually pretty good at understanding that a “no” means I can’t taste test something (and I’m pretty happy to play with the rope instead when she shows it to me); my long-term memory with things that are “no”s is getting better, but sometimes I get excited and need to be reminded. My foster mum thinks that it’s probably best that I’m crated while you’re out though, at least until I learn the house rules a little better, because sometimes when I’m playing with my foster sister and giving her little playful nibbles, sometimes I also give the couch some gentle nibbles, which she thinks if I were alone with my adventurous, curious self, that I may think it’s like a very large squishy toy (and possibly pull out all its innards). I haven’t done any counter surfing yet (although there’s been a couple times, I’ve been pretty curious) but I’m pretty good with keeping all four paws on the ground with a simple no.

My foster mum says I’m fairly well behaved on a leash, and only pull a little bit every so often, but that I’m pretty easily corrected to slow up the pace a little bit. I love going for walks and love going for runs as well; some days I have better stamina and endurance than others, but some other times my lazy side comes through – but that’s okay, because it’s as if I’m a parachute behind you helping with resistance training, because you get to pull me along and work out your muscles (see, I’m such a good gym bro helping you out). I’ve occasionally shown some reactivity towards other dogs when we walk by them, but sometimes I’m just very interested and watch them, other times I try to lunge towards them – my foster mum hasn’t quite figured out the pattern as to why I’m much more interested in certain dogs than others. She doesn’t think I would be aggressive towards them, because I’m a pretty mellow, happy guy, however she’s made us keep our distance because being such a big dude lunging towards another dog might make them react towards me or interpret me trying to see them as attempting to assert my dominance (which, being a big teddy bear, I’m definitely no alpha dog, but she says that they don’t know how big of a softie I really am). I haven’t met any kids yet (my foster mum lives alone), but she doesn’t think I would be reactive towards the tiny humans, and I seem to be okay walking past men as well with no issues; I seem to pretty much love all people that I meet pretty much instantly.

I don’t really bark at much; I mostly just watch while my foster sister barks at everything and anything in front of the house. The only thing I’ve been pretty consistent with barking is when I’m looking out the mirror-window, there’s always two dogs that look just like me and my foster sister, and I do make sure to tell them to go away because we’re already at our quota for dogs here, so they should move along to the next place. I also bark at the sound of boiling water on the stove – my foster mum has not a single clue in the world why, but I always have to check at all the windows and doors when I hear it, just to make sure. I have a lot of fun playing with my foster sister and having another dog to wrestle and play tug with and haven’t shown any resource guarding/not wanting to share my toys with her or my foster mum. When I’m playing tug with my foster sister, I sometimes get a bit of a purr/growl (how rottweiler’s get), but I’m definitely in no way aggressive with it, it’s just me vocalizing when I play. I would definitely be okay as the only dog in the house as well though, because I just love LOVE my people, and I do very well if I have to spend some time in the crate by myself and haven’t shown any separation anxiety behaviors or anything like that. I love my foster sister, but my foster mum says I seem to be what she calls a “people-first” dog, because I always like to check on my human before running off with my foster sister to play. I’m not a full velcro-dog, but I will probably accompany you on your trips to the bathroom, just so you have a friend while you do your business – it’s the least I can do, since you do the same for me. I know some few basic commands so far, like sit, and down (with encouragement), but I am VERY treat motivated – I just LOVE my snacks – so my foster mum thinks I will be a pretty quick learner.

I really can’t wait to meet my furever family, because I really am just a very muscled teddy bear; my foster mum says that I’m the biggest, silliest sweetheart pibble she’s ever met, and I give the absolute best snuggles in the world. I can’t wait to give you all the slobbery smooches I can and turn into a croissant from excitement when I meet you!

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