Adoption in Progress


Name: Elle
ID # A145820
Estimated Date of Birth: September 11, 2020
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Terrier Mix
Weight: 24.8. lbs.
Good with Dogs: YES, she thrives with other dogs and is very submissive
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Yes (however, she needs time to trust them first)
Special/Medical Needs: She has mild separation anxiety that can easily be worked on and needs to build her confidence a lot. Elle had enucleation surgery on her right eye.
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Airdrie, AB
Adoption fee: $650

Elle is a very sweet girl who loves affection. She adores the two dogs in the home and tends to follow the patient male around more over the playful younger female dog, however, she recently has learned about wrestling and playing and has been enjoying that now that she has learned that she can trust the dog(s) in the home and that it is fun play.
Elle's Best Features:
- She is very sweet and just wants to be positively praised. She is also VERY food motivated!
- She listens very well to house rules, she is very smart and has caught on to things very quickly.
- She really loves other dogs, she has met a few on her walks now and some family dogs and is a gentle girl who just loves company. Preference will be given to applicants with other dogs because it would be ideal for her to gain some confidence.
- She is learning to trust the family she is with; she doesn't seem to prefer men/women but she did take a bit longer to warm up to and trust the 10 year old in the home. With lots of positive rewards she is now comfortable with the 10-year-old for the most part. It would be recommended that if she is with any kids that they respect her space and nervousness and go very slow and steady with her.
- She has shown zero resource guarding concerns at all with food, space, toys, or people. She will try to get in on any affection being given to other dogs but no negative reactions yet.
- She house trained very quickly with the assistance of the resident dogs and patience. She did need a few days to settle in before she was comfortable with us to be able to use the yard as her potty spot and currently is not having any accidents.
- She is relatively quiet when the people and dogs are home with her.
- She has been sleeping fairly quietly in her crate overnight, we do need to make sure she has time to settle in before leaving her alone in her crate and it is apparent that she would much prefer to snuggle with dogs or people at night.
- She had a bath already and did great, she was very unsure about the whole process but handled it well.
- She lets us handle her very easily, I was able to check her eye out (she had it removed a few months ago approximately), wash and wipe down her paws, play with her nails, check her teeth, etc.
- She is 10/10 adorable, having her one eye removed hasn't slowed her down one bit!

A few things that she could use some help with or continued work on:
* Elle is very timid and submissive; she often flops onto her back when people approach and will need some help boosting her confidence. In a short week she has learned so much already, it takes patience and very gentle handling with her.
* Elle seems to thrive with other dogs, she learns a lot from them, and her ideal home would include another well-balanced and patient dog to learn from. For the first 5-7 days she watched them a lot in the yard as they played and just recently started joining in on their play and now, she participates in the running and wrestling games. It seems she just needed time to learn that she can trust them and now the three of them play and run together and play with toys together.
* She isn't a huge fan of her crate but will settle in when provided with a Kong with treats (peanut butter for the win!) paired with us waiting a little while until she settles in. She has shown signs of minor separation anxiety that can easily be worked on with her as she gains that confidence and trust. She has since learned our routine and seems to understand that it is a temporary separation now and does MUCH better in her crate now. The first 3-5 days were difficult for her in the crate, but she has adapted very well to sleeping overnight in her crate and gets very excited when she hears anyone coming downstairs to greet her in the morning (especially the larger male dog in the house).
* She has only gone on a few leashed walks, she was shutting down and flopped onto her back for the most part early on, we have been more successful lately with a lot of treats to get her moving forward. It will be highly recommended that she is thoroughly secured (harness and collar) during walks until she settles in with her forever family. She spooks quite easily on walks and just needs time and patience to learn that the world isn't a scary place.

Elle has done really well with her manner and learning the house rules and loves being invited up on the couch for some snuggles. She has tried to steal some inappropriate items thinking they are toys (socks, a slipper, etc.) but a firm but gentle "hey" or "no" is all it takes to have her drop the item, we replace those items with appropriate toys and she does catch on quickly.

She is very food motivated, she now sits and really likes her snuffle mat for her dinner to slow her down and get her mind working. Over the past few weeks she has shown to us that she can learn and adapt very quickly.

This girl is very shy! She is sweet as can be but lacks confidence. She wants to play and engage. She does best when dogs are around. Loves to play with dogs. She is very easy to handle. She had her eye removed and just sat there and let me care for the eyes.

Adoption costs: $650.00