Name: ZZ
ID # A145980
Estimated Date of Birth: September 13, 2022
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Estimated Weight: 30-35 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: High- He has two speeds: snoozing or zooming
Current Location: Calgary
Adoption fee: $650

This is ZZ. He is a young, energetic, and friendly guy. He is currently in a home with no children, no cats and 2 miniature dachshunds. He has not shown any prey drive when seeing cats out on walks. He has been friendly towards everyone he has met.

ZZ still has puppy energy but is working very hard on his manners. He sometimes still jumps up on people and tries to see what is on the counter but is easily corrected by saying off. He knows how to sit and is currently learning more tricks. He is very smart and listens well. He has a pretty good recall already; we are continuing to work on it and make it solid. He is extremely food motivated and knows to take the treats gently from your hand. He does not beg when his people are eating their food, but he will test his boundaries to see how close he can sit and patiently wait to see if they will share.

It often takes him a few minutes to settle into his kennel, but he will sleep there throughout the night and when his people are not home. No separation anxiety has been noticed. We are currently working on him being 100% potty trained. He sometimes feels the need to mark things in the house, often spots where another dog may have had an accident but is learning well as we correct him. ZZ walks well on a leash and is friendly towards dogs and people while out and about. He has no leash reactivity. He loves car rides in or out of his kennel.

ZZ gets along well with dogs of all shapes and sizes. He reads social cues very well and understands to back off when a dog does not want to play. He is high energy and would do best in a house that can exercise him regularly/stimulate him with puzzles and other activities. He loves playing with all kinds of toys and is non-destructive. His favourite game is tug-of-war with another dog or his people. He does not resource guard his food, treats, toys, or bones. He is a very friendly guy who cannot wait to find a loving forever family that is going to spoil him.

Adoption costs: $650.00