Name: Bing
ID # RT20231029-1H
Estimated Date of Birth: September 18, 2023
Sex: Male (His neuter surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: American Bully and Black Mouth Cur Mix
Weight: Unknown
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Yes. Kids will make him stop in his tracks and loves to say hello to them
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Puppy Energy
Current Location: Airdrie, AB
Adoption fee: $725

Bing is simply the sweetest-natured, friendliest, smart puppy who will be the best family pet. And what a cuddler!!

He loves everyone, especially kids. He gets along really well with every dog he has met, as long as the dog is not aggressive with him. He then just hides behind us.

He loves both our cats, he just needs to be told when to back off as he wants to play all the time with them. Even when he was them cornered, he never nips or does anything harmful. But we did introduce them very slowly and it took about 2 weeks for them to accept him.

He is super playful so would do best with a home with another dog, kids, or adult who will play with him a lot.

Anyone who meets him is so charmed!

He only barks if the other dog he is playing with him barks, or if the cat refuses to play with him. But he is not a “ barker”. He stops as soon as you tell him a firm “ no”.

Excellent on a leash, considering he is only 12 weeks. He needs to be trained to stick to one side, but I have no doubt this will happen sooner than later.

He is mostly house-trained. But he does have to go frequently at this point. He will whimper if in his crate, to let you know he needs out, and will go to the door if loose in the house. Only the occasional accident but these are becoming fewer by the day.

He sleeps 7-8 hours if he has had a walk and lots of play. He will play with an average of a dozen different toys a day!

He gets nervous and cries in the car, but it stops after 5-10 minutes.

Excellent in his crate which is a huge improvement. He has stopped crying anytime we put him in there. He will only cry when he gets excited to be let out to see you!

He just had his 2nd set of vaccinations and check-up and is in excellent health. He is teething of course, as any puppy of this age.

He has learned “ sit”, “wait /stay” with a hand motion, “ out”, “ walk”, and “ no”. “ easy” ) as in take it easy, and learning to catch and fetch.

Adoption costs: $725.00