Female, 6 years, chihuahua X, 6 lbs

Honey is a sweet little dog, who is shy, but coming out of her shell. She prefers to be the only animal in her home. She is still timid and nervous, however she is often cuddled up with us on our laps or in her favourite blanket. She enjoys short walks through the neighbourhood and has really enjoyed morning and evening cuddles and naps. Honey is a sweet girl that would benefit from a quiet home, with some humans that are patient and willing to work with her on facing her fears. New sounds, people and even sometimes her leash can scare her.

Honey is happiest when she is around calm adults or older children (teens). She likes younger children but can find them overwhelming if they move too quickly. Honey wants only a few key humans in her life that help her feel safe. She will occasionally bark when she hears an unfamiliar sound. Most of the time however, she is quiet.

She is kennel trained, happily sleeps through the night in her kennel with no barking or wining. She sees her kennel as her safe space, and if scared will go spend time in it to help calm down. Honey is house trained and hasn’t had any accidents.

When going on car rides, Honey sits quietly in her kennel.

Honey is excellent on a leash, and loves her walks, as her tail wags most of the time when walking. She doesn’t enjoy the cold weather, so wearing a sweater or jacket when outside helps her stay warm. On colder days her walks are shorter, and she clearly communicates when she is done walking and would like to be carried home.

Honey benefits from having soft surfaces to walk on. Walking on tile or hardwood floor can be a challenge. She is more comfortable and confident when walking on carpeted or blanketed surfaces.

Honey is a tiny dog, just 6 lbs, but she is a little wider than expected.

Honey is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00