Name: Bob
ID # A147329-D
Estimated Age: November 12, 2023
Sex: Male (His neuter surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Bully Mix
Weight: Unknown
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Very!
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Puppy
Current Location: Devon, AB

Meet Bob he’s a fun loving, playful very kid friendly,adorable little pup that loves belly rubs from his foster dad as soon as he comes home from work. He has been learning a lot from his foster brother like going outside to use the bathroom, running to the door when his foster dad gets home to say hello, sharing and patience. He loves bones sometimes more than us but not his human foster sister, she is everything to him and he is to her. If she’s having a bad day she goes to him and he knows how to make it better. He loves meeting new people and will steal everyone’s hearts within the first minute they meet him. He will curl up in your arms and snuggle for as long as you let him. He can be calm but is also a puppy and does his puppy things. When we first brought him home he rarely has to walk as he was carried everywhere by my kids. He is fully kennel trained and eats in his kennel, It’s his calm down space but doesn’t like to sleep in it. He’s kennelled when we aren’t home, I do come home at lunch to let him out for a bathroom break and playtime(3 hours max). He loves stealing shoes but doesn’t wreck them just carries them around and tries to hide them. He would be perfect for any type of household and can adjust to any surroundings.
Do they bark: Just found his voice
Are they house-trained: about 90%
Are they good in the car: Yes
Are they good on leash: Needs more training

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Adoption costs: $725.00