Adoption in Progress


Name: Nazdar
ID # RT20231217-1
Estimated Age: October 15, 2021
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Hawshar Karabash Mix
Weight: Unknown
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs: She had both eyes removed due to Glaucoma
Estimated Energy Level: Low/Medium
Current Location: Incoming

Nazdar first became known to War Paws approx 18 months ago. Our country director had found her on the streets struggling to survive because she was blind. Nazdar came to the clinic and was diagnosed with glaucoma, possibly as a result of a head trauma. A shelter is not a great place for a dog that is blind so Nazdar was rehomed with a local family who doted on her. Sadly as Nazdar grew the family found themselves unable to care for her properly and she was given to the care of Animals of Kurdistan and placed into boarding kennels. Animals of Kurdistan told us that they had a home in Spain for Nazdar and she was brought to the War Paws clinic several months ago to be checked over by a visiting UK vet to ensure she was fit for travel. The UK vet advised that the eyes were completely non viable and likely to be causing significant pain but Animals of Kurdistan would not allow us to do the enucleation surgery for her claiming that her new owner wanted to get her eyes fixed. In time Animals of Kurdistan finally agreed for us to carry out Nazdar's surgery and she came back to the clinic. She had a few weeks of recovery before we were ready to let her go back to boarding kennels and at this stage we became concerned about the excuses from AOK as to why she was being delayed on her trip to Spain. Despite AOK assurance we discovered that Nazdar had not actually had the required FAVN testing done shortly after we removed 15 suffering dogs from the AOK shelter. Nazdar is a big and beautiful girl but she needs a calm environment where she can receieve training and learn how to be a family pet. She is friendly with other dogs and with people but sometimes gets a bit overwhelmed. She loves being cuddled and she knows her name and also responds to Naz Naz.