Charles Gus

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Name: Charles G
ID # RT20231227-2
Estimated Age: 3 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Weight: Unknown
Good with Dogs: We have not been around any other dogs, we have stuck to our household and have just been trying to get him to trust us humans before venturing out with other animals.
Good with Cats: We have not seen any cats on our outtings, but was told he has a high pray drive instinct.
Good with Children: Charlie is good with my 13 year old daughter, however my 15 year old son cannot really get too close to Charlie. When he does get close to him, Charlie just lays down and puts his ears back. He's very uncertain still
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium/High
Current Location: Cranbrook, BC
Adoption Fee: $650

Update on Charles Gus!
Charlie has made so much progress in the last few weeks,

He has learned how to go up and down stairs, that outside isnt as scary as it used to be and its quite exciting exploring all the new places!

Still working on going to the bathroom outside, but has recently started enjoying walking outside and going potty while out there. 8/10 times he does his business while outside, but sometimes gets distracted when sniffing and forgets to go while outside.
Does not give notice on when he does have to use the washroom so walks every few hours are a must, but his forever home really would be best to have a fenced yard with a dog door so he can venture out and do his business when he needs.

Very hesitant on males, but loves both momma and 13 year old daughter, we have not been around any younger children, but I feel he may be best suited in a home with older children.

Currently he free roams the house while we are at work/go out.
No counter surfing, and no messes, he just lays around waiting for his humans to come home.
But if you leave any socks out, he will take them and suck on them.

He slept in his crate for the first week when we got him, we allowed him to sleep on his bed beside ours for a week or so, but he was very noisy so we put him back in his crate just outside our room. He doesn't like going into the crate but settles quick and sleeps well until taken out again.

Does not bark, unless any males come near him, but only when momma is home.

Has been taken to the vet for a check up and put onto some anxiety meds that he takes twice a day. The vet said due to whatever traumatic experiences he has been through, the medication could be a life time thing.
We hope he gets more comfortable and will not need these forever.
He has improved drastically in the past month, and will continue to do so as he feels the safety of his humans.

Charlie has learned to sit for treats, but prefers to sit while on a carpet so might move to a preferred spot when asked.
He lets me cut his nails, he sits very calmly.

He does not like getting into vehicles, but once inside he either lays down and sleeps or sits up and watches the road quietly.

He likes to be very, very close to mom. Under feet at all times, and when mom sits down on the couch he is right beside her on a blanket.

Do they bark : I have not heard more than a whimper out of Charlie.
Are they house-trained : We have not been successful going to the bathroom anywhere but for pee pads in the house. He has been a quick learner and has learned the pee pads are the place to go, and only in one spot in the house.
Are they good in the car : We had him in the kennel to transport him here and he didn't make a peep, since transport day he has not been in a vehicle.
Are they good on leash : Once comfortable with the human ( so far only myself, female) is the only person able to get his halter and clothing on him to take him outside. He was VERY scared of stairs. We worked on his fear and he is better going up and down stairs. Walks well on leash when it is his route..until he decides hes done. He for sure needs training and a very patient person to help him work on this.
Charlie was put in his crate at bed time and when we left the house for the first few days. He does not like being put into the crate, but goes in on his free will for naps.
During the day we have let him free roam and he has not made a single mess(other than on the pee pads)
We have been letting him sleep beside us on his bed at night. He sleeps well, but once anyone gets up and moves, he is up and is needing bathroom fast.

He gives zero warning on when he has to use the washroom.

He has zero aggression, I have taken food from him as he is eating and he stands back confused.
He is a very hungry boy, and likes pretty much anything given to him...except for peanut butter.

He has just recently learned that laying down on a blanket is comforting, but is always watching his surroundings and if he hears a noise he paces. He has not fully learned that he is in a safe environment and if someone moves they are not going to harm him.

Charlie is a very sweet boy, he is at my feet, all the time. He likes to be close.

Charlies ideal home would be with a female that has alot of time and patience, with a fenced in yard that he could venture. I do believe he would run, given the chance so needs to be leashed.
Uncertain on how he would do with another pet in the home. He is a very anxious boy who needs patience and calm. Someone who can care for his past traumas, that can work with him on going outside for potty breaks and being fearful of men/new people.

He is such a good boy, who I know wants to give all his love to his family, and isnt sure how to do it just yet.
He doesn't seem to know how to be a dog, I'm guessing his previous life wasn't a friendly one..
He doesn't like any toys, or know how to play, and doesn't know or understand any basic commands such as sit, or laydown, which again, could take more time.
I do tell him to wait when putting his food down, and he has to wait until I say go ahead.

Charlie deserves the most loving home that can give him so much love and care and attention. Hes the perfect dog, minus his few minor flaws.

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