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Name: Adyson
ID # A148073
Estimated Age: 1 year
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: American Pit Bull Mix
Weight: 35.5 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Calgary, AB

Say hello to Adyson.
Adyson or Addy is a really sweet tempered girl who is finding the world a little on the scary side at the moment.
She’s great in the house and fully potty trained.
She’s estimated to be just over one year old but does have some puppy behaviours still such as will ‘collect’ shoes from by the front door and mouths at the corners of soft cushions and furnishings, so far she hasn’t caused any damage and responds well to being calmly yet firmly told no or leave it. Addy sleeps in her crate all night and when left alone and does fine, she does need to be tempted with a treat to go in but once in creates no fuss and settles well. She gets on well with the two other dogs in the home, one male, one female and all three play very nicely together. She enjoys her food and at present is being fed using a slow feeder, is reasonably tempted by treats for recall but is a very smart girl who realises when a treat is just a dog treat or something of higher value, she responds to instruction much better if we use cheese or chicken !
At this time she doesn’t have any response to instructions such as sit, down, off etc, but with some one on one time we believe she’ll be quick to pick these up. Her recall from the yard into the house was learnt very fast !
Addy walks calmly when out but is very afraid of traffic and anything with wheels such as bicycles, scooters, skateboards, she became extremely nervous of the air brakes of a semi and the noise of a passing bus, again it is early days with her and given time or the chance to go walking with a confident and calm dog friend should overcome these fears. We tend to take her on walking paths with no vehicles nearby, she does fine if she comes across people or other dogs.
Adyson does like to play, she will chase a ball and play tug with appropriate toys when invited.
She still sleeps a fair bit during the day especially after a walk, we think this is her way of decompressing and coping with how stressful she’s finding the world just now.
She will settle on the couch next to you during the evening and enjoys being spoken to and stroked but isn’t an ‘in your face’ girl, she’s also very good if you’re eating when sat on the couch, she doesn’t jump up and bother you for the food you have.
Yes, Addy is going to need some work but she’s a loyal pup who will become the best friend you never knew you needed if you work with her and show her the love and guidance she truly deserves.
Not tested with cats or children, did stand very still and concentrated hard when she saw a couple of squirrels.
Doesn’t enjoy car journeys so we are slowly working on this.

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