Name: Tramp
ID # A147791
Estimated Age: 2 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Terrier Mix
Weight: 37.7 lbs.
Good with Dogs: No
Good with Cats: No
Good with Children: Unknown
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium/Low
Current Location: BARC's Central, Airdrie, AB

This scruffy little gal was picked up on the streets of Bakersfield, California as a stray in November 2023 and was brought to Canada as part of BARC’s January 2024 rescue transport. She is estimated to be about two years old and has had a litter of puppies, but has since been spayed and is ready to live the good life as your best pal and sidekick.

Tramp is one of the most affectionate and happy dogs we’ve ever met. She’s never *not* gazing up at you lovingly and wagging her tail. She loves scratches and pets and will happily lay in your lap or snuggle up to you on the couch for hours.

Tramp is very food motivated, which has made her a lot of fun to train! She is an enthusiastic and engaged student and learns very quickly. She still has some manners to learn, but has been started with clicker training and LOVES it so I think she could be a very well behaved little lady with a little time and consistency.

Her love of food means she can go looking for it on her own, though— her future home will want to manage her space so no food or garbage is left at Tramp-level (or near the edge of a table or counter).

Tramp is about 90% house trained and has started to cue to go outside (going to the door, scratching at the door).

Tramp isn’t quite used to her new Canadian climate yet, so she appreciates being bundled up. She happily wears a coat and boots (even at -3, she will start limping and lifting her paws while out on a walk).

Speaking of walks— Tramp loves them! And she walks quite well on a leash, for being a newbie to this whole thing. She is strong when she pulls, but her current foster thinks she could learn to walk like a champ in no time— there isn’t anything this girl wouldn’t do for a treat!

Tramp enjoys playing, especially tug with a little bit of chasing/fetching in the mix. She isn’t particularly agile around the house (she needs a hand to get up on the couch), but she pulls out all the stops during play and has an impressively high spring in her step when she gets excited.

Tramp is a quiet and polite neighbour; she doesn’t bark in the yard or out on walks, despite encouragement from the resident dogs.

Tramp crates really well when you are out of the house— we spied on her with cameras, and she always settled within 5-10 minutes then slept happily the rest of the time she was alone. If she can hear you in the house, however, she will cry, so she would benefit from some positive association crate training to help her feel more comfortable and relaxed in those cases.

Tramp has a quirky but very cute soothing behaviour of suckling on blankets, so she likes to have her own little supply of blankies to drag around and occupy herself with. She doesn’t chew, destroy, or try to eat anything she shouldn’t (unless it’s paper towel or Kleenex) and overall has been a very trustworthy and polite little house guest (though she is always crated when we’re not home to supervise her).

Tramp has played incredibly well with all the dogs in her foster homes between California, Edmonton, and Calgary and showed very socially-savvy behaviour but unfortunately had two sudden and severe resource-guarding reactions against another dog, so she should be the only animal in her home for the time being. She has not demonstrated any possessiveness or resource guarding behaviours towards humans, however. Her current foster thinks that she would be an excellent candidate for muzzle training so that she can gradually be reintroduced to having doggy friendships, while still ensuring everyone’s safety.

Adoption costs: $650.00