Adoption in Progress


Name: Sherman
ID# A148782
Age: Approximately 1.5yrs
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Pug Mix
Weight: 13 lbs
Good with dogs: Yes, with slow and proper introductions
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with children: Yes (Mouths when playing though)
Special/Medical needs: None
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Airdrie, AB
Adoption fee: $650

*Please note that we anticipate multiple applications for Sherman. Only the closest matches to his needs and personality will be contacted by the foster.

Sherman is currently fostered in a home with 2 larger dogs, a 10yr old, and a male and female. He seems to like all humans he has met, the dogs he is very comfortable around, he was a little intimidated by them at first but enjoys running in the yard with them and isn’t shy about snuggling near them.

He seems quite young and shows some puppy energy and playfulness throughout the day but is also an expert couch cuddler. He can mouth when he plays with us which may be a concern for some smaller kids.

He has met multiple dogs within the fosters home and has successfully integrated with those dogs (2 larger dogs, 1 mid-size dog and 2 smaller dogs), he does show insecurity and nervous reactions to unknown dogs while on walks.

He is currently working on building his confidence and is doing some desensitization training and has shown quick results. It will need to be continued with his forever family to allow him to learn that other dogs are safe. He needs to have his adopter provide him with the necessary time to build a bond with his people, and to continue to work on building his confidence up with new dogs.

Sherman seems to prefer to play with humans and toys rather than dogs but isn't bothered by dogs playing or trying to initiate play with him. He reads queues well from the dogs he lives with and has initiated play with them in recent days.

Sherman has shown no signs of resource guarding for anything, he eats well around our dogs and calls off easily when he goes to check the other dogs bowls during meals. He gives toys back easily and enjoys playing fetch.

He is mostly housetrained but needs to be monitored for stealth pees around the house. Overall, he's pretty good with going outside for the bathroom but has had pee accidents inside the home that may need continued work on.

He has been in a pen during work days up to 8hrs and has done very well. He will always prefer humans to be nearby though.

Sherman has been an incredibly easy foster and seems to adapt very quickly. A few other notes about the Shermanator:

He walks decent on a leash but needs to work on building his confidence when he sees other dogs on walks. This is relatively easy to work on with consistency and patience.

He is thrilled when we get home and has some whining noises when he has his big pug emotions.

He does pretty good in the vehicle but does get a bit nervous. With a bit of reassurance and some positive reward (treats) he settles in.

The winter hasn't seemed to bother him, he enjoys eating snow.

He would adapt to most households, indoors he is fairly quiet so condos/townhouses he would likely adapt to as well.

He met a bearded dragon and seemed a bit too interested in the dragon so we didn’t test him further.

His adopters need to understand that he is insecure with unknown dogs. He can be quite vocal when he is nervous when seeing new dogs. Providing him with time to settle into his new home and bonding with his people is essential, he seems to respond very well to desensitization training with his current foster. This is something that may take time so he does need a committed adopter willing to continue to work on this with him.

Adoption costs: $650.00