Name: Brutus
ID # A148656
Estimated Age: 2 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Weight: 8 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown, but likely
Good with Children: Yes
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Strathmore, AB
Adoption Fee: $650

Meet Brutus, he is one very amazing little dude. Brutus is such a smart boy. He is eager to please and learn. We are working on sitting and staying off tables. He has done so good at sit and stay. Especially when he hears the bag of treats being opened.

Brutus has the calmest personality and has never shown any aggression. He was timid when we first got him and still is a bit timid with new things. He has adapted so well at being at our house. He has access to food and water all day and only eats when he is hungry. We have another Chihuahua in the house and there has been no food aggression. If Tika decides to eat out of his bowl he will just go eat out of her bowl. Sometimes he just waits for her to be done and then proceeds to eat out of his bowl. He does like having his own bowl even though they both share.

Brutus has been with us a week and has taken his time to feel comfortable. He is just now starting to play with toys and run around the house like he owns the place. At times the house sounds like a little Stampede is going on. He is great at sharing toys and chews.

Brutus loves his cuddle time. He lets you know when he wants attention by patting you with his paw. He will also do this when he is not ready for you to stop. He loves his naps in the sun while he watches the birds come and go from the feeder outside. If the sun's not shining he loves to curl up on the dog bed in front of the fireplace. He will stay there all night if the fireplace stayed on

We are working on his potty outside, he is doing great with this. He does not let you know when he wants out but he will do his business when outside. He doesn;t go out on his own, I carry him out and put him down once the door is closed. Once the door is closed he will go and run and do his business, then come right back for his " good boy scratches" . When it was super cold out he had no issue using a pee pad for his business.

Brutus loves to snuggle at night. He wants to be right with you and sleeps throughout the night with no issues. He prefers to sleep with my son, and loves to be under the covers.

I do not have cats but I see no issue with him and cats. He loves my son, 13 yrs old, and I feel he would be great with all children. He is not a jumper and would be good with even small children.

Brutus would love to have a brother or sister of any size or make. He has learnt alot from my pup and I think he would do great in a house with another pet. He would also do great as an only pet. I have not left him alone in the house for more than a couple hours, but he has never done anything he is not supposed to. I usually find him sleeping on a bed when I get home. I do not kennel him when we leave. He was good in the kennel on the drive to my house, he had access to the kennel and used it to decompress for the first few days he got here. Once he knew he was safe and was comfortable he did not use it anymore.

This little guy is a very special little dude. You couldn't ask for a better boy. Brutus will fill your heart the moment you meet him.

Adoption costs: $650.00