Male, 12 years, dachshund X

Wolfgang is a sweet and funny senior Dachshund that needs a firm hand and a warm heart to bring out the best in him.

This old man is best suited to a quiet retirement home with one owner (preferably female) and no other pets.

He can’t resist guarding, especially his owner, but responds to soothing pets and calming reassurances that all is well. With mutual respect and personal space, he responds to most basic commands.

Once you’ve gained his trust you will get to see the spunky, playful old guy that loves to play hide’n’seek and chase around the house. He loves snuggles and belly rubs, and being wrapped up warm in his blanket.

He is a great companion and fierce protector to someone that will take the time to understand him and is willing to work with his guarding and protective issues. He has been known to bite to defend his people and/or himself if he feels threatened.

Wolfgang is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $375.00