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Name: Forest
ID # RT20240223-2
Estimated Age: October 16, 2023
Sex: Male (His neuter surgery will be covered by BARCs at one of BARCs’ veterinary partners)
Estimated Breed: Black Lab/Husky/Shepherd Mix (best guess)
Weight: 28 lbs
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes
Good with Children: Unknown, but likely
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Bouts of Puppy Energy with good calm napping during the days.
Current Location: Calgary, AB.

🐾 Meet Forest! 🐾

Introducing Forest, the cuddle connoisseur who's ready to find his forever home! He has a great big smile, a fluffy curly tail and a soft coat that's extremely huggable. He's been in a foster home since April 24, and is working on becoming an upstanding citizen, ready to fit into your household.

🐾 Personality: Forest is a curious and adventurous pup who loves to explore his surroundings. Whether it's sniffing out new scents or investigating every corner, he's always up for an adventure. But at the end of the day, nothing beats a good snuggle session with his people! He is a perfect little spoon for afternoon couch naps, or cuddles with a head laying on your lap during a movie. He's a breeze when it comes to grooming—he doesn't mind being picked up, brushed, bathed, or having his nails trimmed provided there are treats involved. With consistent positive reinforcement he will be very cooperative with personal grooming. He learns commands quickly, especially with demonstrations from his foster brother, and the promise of a treat - but he does get impatient and will give you a good huff if he starts to get frustrated. He is very brave, initiating greetings with the vacuum and hair dryer with reserved skepticism, and he faces new experiences with a head on approach, rather than fearful..

🐶 Social Butterfly: He has concerns about dogs walking past his house, and doesn't appreciate being barked at while on his own walks. But Forest is a social pup who has gotten along great with every dog he has been introduced to. We have two cats in the house, and he gets along with them really well. He was curious at first, and is still learning that they don't play the same way as he does. But in the evenings when everyone is relaxing, the cats will come cuddle on the couch with the humans and Forest a couple inches away - he even got a lick once! While he hasn't met any children yet, he's eager to make friends of all ages and I expect he will be great with kids as well. He enjoys giving affectionate nibs to his friends, but never uses pressure.

🐾 Playtime: With other dogs he loves to play tug-o-war, bitey face, and is always up for a good wrestle even with the big dogs! He loves a good stick to chew in the yard, or will happily occupy himself just sniffing around the grass. He loves interactive toys like lick mats, snuffle mats, and frozen feeders which he will happily eat all of his meals out of to keep himself mentally stimulated during the day while the humans are working from home. He has a habit of shredding soft toys, but is easily redirected with a trade to a durable rubber or leather toy. We have found that providing him with outlets for this shredding, such as hiding food in balls of paper and boxes for him to shred and find satiates this and tires him out. He's currently honing his walking manners, but with so many interesting smells outside, it's hard to stay focused! He will need some consistent one-on-one walks to reinforce good leash manners. He is great in the car, with no anxiety or sickness issues, and loves to be able to stick his nose out the window if allowed. He will be a great companion to bring on outings or hikes!

💤 Quiet Time: Forest is a champ at sleeping in his crate at night, is down to one a potty break once through the night, and then happily returns to his crate after. He's great with crate naps during quiet times throughout the day, and is diligently working on being left alone in his crate. He takes some time to settle still, and we are working on this incrementally.

🏠 Home Etiquette: He's picking up on boundaries quickly, but still requires supervision for his curious nose. He has not chewed any furniture or plants, so far his only casualty is a treat bag that was carelessly left out. He has shown some minor guarding behaviour towards dogs with treats and toys, but never with humans and is very receptive to a simple trade in order to take something away from him. He is very quiet in the house and does not bark for attention, or during play. He will bark with his brother at dogs walking outside, and on walks we have found that he is uncomfortable being barked at , and will bark back to defend his pack. He can quickly be redirected with a treat and verbal direction, so this will just require some consistent work. He is slowly getting the hang of house training, and working on communicating when he needs a bathroom break.

Forest is a curious, snuggly, happy puppy that will make a great companion for anyone that is looking for some love and a partner in crime.

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