Foster Hold


Name: Joni
ID # A149444
Estimated Age: 1 year
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Weight: 30 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes, good with all dogs but I have a dog that had a FHO on his right leg and she is just a bit too much for him, she needs a higher energy dog or puppy to play with, if there is another dog in the house
Good with Cats: Yes, she just sniffs my dog savy cat and walks away
Good with Children: Unknown but likely, older children would be best as she can be a bit timid at times
Special/Medical Needs: Exercise, agillity, hiking, running partner or would be a good dog for an acreage, otherwise needs off leash walks a couple times a day otherwise will get bored and will get into things
Estimated Energy Level: High
Current Location: Cremona, AB

Good with horses: Yes, does not herd or nip them, would be a great dog to bring along on rides
Resource guarding; No
Toy possessiveness: No
Good in car: A bit hesitant to get in still, but when in the car she is good
Kennel Training: she does not like her kennel and will whine for about an hour before settling down
Commands: knows sit, down and come
Toys: Likes stuffies and especially chew toys - Bully Sticks! Will need them to not chew on shoes, cables or whatever else she can get her little paws on
Food: Can be free fed during the day, is a grazer and rather eats when hungry and not when food gets put in front of her
Leash: Does not pull, a bit all over the map, just needs some routine
Barking: Have heard her bark only when her foster brother starts it
Staying close: We have an acreage that is fully fenced and she is sticking around us, not a runner
Housetraining: A work in progress, she doesn’t give any obvious signs when she has to go, we have a dog door and she learned to go in and out in a few days, now the next step will be to use it to do her business outside
Sleeping: She sleeps on our bed at the moment and will wake me up when she has to go out to pee at night, she is with us just under one week and this is a matter of time of settling in and learning a routine
Couch: She does like cuddles and is allowed on the couch

She is a very sweet dog that needs a very active home, preferably someone around a lot, or someone willing to take her to doggy daycare

Adoption costs: $650.00