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Name: Tyrrell
ID # A150064
Estimated Age: 1 year
Sex: Male
Estimated Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Weight: 13 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes, but will resource guard
Good with Cats: Unknown
Good with Children: No
Special/Medical Needs: His little arms could have been from a birth defect or from extended time in a kennel. He uses them to crawl and slide, so no reason to remove them. They do not cause him any pain or discomfort. He now has his own wheelchair.
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Edmonton, AB
Adoption Fee: $650

Yes, Tyrrell is just as adorable as he looks in photos. He's incredibly affectionate and cute as a button and he knows it. He gives the absolute cutest hugs with his little elbows and likes to sleep wrapped around your neck. He's very active and doesn't think he has a handicap. He jumps on to the couch and runs up the stairs, but cannot come back down. Here's where the differences with owning a dog with functioning legs come to consideration. Tyrrell will always need extra attention, a larger budget and help. You will want to invest in doggy stairs and soft landing pads such as the large kong mats. Abrasive rough carpet would be a problem since he is walking on his elbows. The skin can get infected and impact to his elbows causes fluid to build up which needs to be drained by a vet and then the area kept very clean. When Tyrrell goes outside we wrap his elbows to avoid any irritation. We have tried always wrapping his elbows since he is so active indoors, but he manages to get the bandages and elbow pads off in now time, so instead our floors are covered with foam mats.
Tyrrell has no previous training and has accidents. He will go on a pee pad or astroturf if carried to it after waking up or eating, but does not indicate his need to go. He sometimes goes on the bed for number two when we are not looking. Since he is bending down when relieving himself his feet need to be wiped down after.
Tyrrell is very vocal and loves to express himself. He will not be suitable for anyone who might get noise complaints. He's a complete goofball and likes to get your attention, unfortunately he has a very loud bark. He doesn't really bark at the window, just when playing or wanting something. He does however have separation anxiety, but with a bit of work this has gotten much much better.
Tyrrell currently has multiple little chihuahua friends and he loves to wrestle especially with his best friend Ned who is also a foster. He's been good with most dogs he's met, but does resource guard and can get very jealous. He can also be dog reactive when crated. He is not a big fan of his crate but will tolerate and cry.
Tyrrell is very food motivated and would eat all the time if he could. It is very important for his owner to understand that he cannot get overweight. He loves to chew and play with toys. He is not destructive with furniture or shoes and sticks to things he is allowed to chew.
We do not recommend he goes to a home with children as not only is he easy to step on because he likes to crawl right in front of your feet, but he is still very mouthy and can bite quite hard. We're currently exercising redirection and ending play sessions when this happens, but he does come at you out of the blue so quick reflexes are needed.
Tyrrell has just begun learning his custom made wheelchair and we are told it will take weeks if not months. Although he doesn't know how to steer it yet, just standing straight once a day gives his back a break and allows him to use other muscles. He loves to be outside, even just to sit on a lap and smell the air.
The perfect home for Tyrrell would not have many stairs, someone home a lot and a friend to play with. His parents would have to have the means to take care of any surprise medical attention he might require.

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