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Name: Beau
ID # RT20240227-1
Estimated Age: 1 year
Sex: Neutered Male
Estimated Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Weight: 43 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Maybe a dog savvy cat
Good with Children: Older children
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: Edmonton, AB

Like many rescue dogs, nobody really knows their story. We know some of this poor boy!

Beau, was surviving the elements, and all on his own 15 minutes west of Edmonton, for over a month before bylaw was able to live trap him. He was very scared and untrusting of humans...until he met good ones!

He spent 3 weeks at the county shelter, unclaimed. He started to trust his human caretakers there, but was scared of all the barking and that environment he was in.
That's when I seen his post, contacted BARCs, then did a meet and greet....and the rest, as they say is history!!
He was so happy to get out of there! We headed out into a blizzard and he went straight to my car and jumped straight into the back seat! He's a great traveller by the way! He sits up and looks around for a little bit and then lays down! Every trip is the same! We got home and after a short walk (blizzard), he marked 3 areas, and when we came back, he went straight to the front door! Then he went to his penned area, and settled in after checking out the crate bed and the bigger bed outside the kennel and in the penned area as well as his new bowls and toys that he was unsure of! He allowed the resident dogs to approach and smell, and after a nap, he wanted to smell them right back! He was shy, but enjoyed me sitting by the pen and petting him. He likes to let you know with a nose nudge if he hasn't got enough pets!
He was and is a perfect house guest! Sleeps through the night, and not a single accident!! Such a good boy!! He has even earned free roaming privlidges of the home when I have to leave-not a single issue!
We haven't been on as many walks as he would like....his first days here were a blizzard and we had to wait for everyone to shovel over a foot of snow-and then it was so cold!! He is fine with all the snow, just dad is a wuss! Then there's things that came up, and then he was neutered! He walks well on leash though!

I would say that he is medium energy. Maybe a bit in the low side of medium. He can get very playful with his foster brother Ace, and then they both have a nap! He adjusts his play style for his older foster sister too! Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to understand the concept of self play with balls, or chew toys. He has just started chewing this past week -but only the gorilla wood chew and elk antler.
He hasn't chewed anything else, and seems to enjoy eating everything food!! He is very treat motivated! Honestly, I have had some really gentle dogs, and I think he takes treats the gentlest! He has learned sit and lay so far, and his recall is really good! The only things we are working on is he pulls a little on the leash, but is getting better! Speaking of, he isn't phased by barking dogs in their yards, or rabbits running ahead. He stops, takes notice, then continues on....except the barking dogs, he usually leaves a little squirt in their front yard, to let them know he was there!!! Then we calmly walk away!
I am unsure of how he is with cats, I would assume that with proper introductions and a dog savy cat, he would likely do well. He fit in with my 2.5 year old dog and 11 year old senior. No signs of reactivity/aggression, pretty chill and tolerant. He's very cautious and curious of my 6 month old grand daughter when she's being held. He has not shown any signs of food aggression with me. Dogs always eat separated and 20' or more apart. He eats fast, so I am using a slow feeder dish until he realizes food will always be there for him twice a day! And he also has no toy aggression at all!
The main thing we need to work on is when someone comes to the door. It's the only time he barks, and he needs a few mins to settle! We received some great tips (thanks Jody), and will continue to work towards improvement. We do not get alot of visitors, but there's been some improvement. Again, he hasn't been here long, and has had a neuter surgery...but that's the only flaw I have found with him, and that's going to be an easy fix!
He's a love bug that loves his pets and cuddles at times, and other times playing or just relaxing/napping on a soft bed!

Overall, he's a certified good boy! Not only is he smart and handsome, but sooooo soft!!! He has the most expressive face and ears and gets those cute forehead wrinkles that I always want to smoosh and smooch!!

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