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Name: Fizz
ID # RT20240406-1
Estimated Age: 1.5 years
Sex: Male
Estimated Breed: Labrador Retreiver Mix
Weight: Unknown
Good with Dogs: Slow and proper introductions needed
Good with Cats: No
Good with Children: Yes
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium
Current Location: BARC's Central, Airdrie, AB

Hey there, I'm Fizz! Or Mr. Independent if you will.
I'm rather adaptive to my surroundings type of pooch which makes me pretty versatile to the life style that you live. I don't need a lot of attention or reassurance, and I'm content doing my own thing quietly in my crate, which is mostly napping if you have things to do.

🏠 I'm fully house and crate trained but I haven't had free roam of the house as of yet. It could be something to work up to in the future if you choose. I respond well to corrections of being told no if I get too snoopy or step out of line a little bit and won't do it again, I promise!

🐕‍🦺 Walks are cool, but do you have a ball? That's my favorite activity. I'll even drop it right at your feet and wait for you to throw, it doesn't end up in a game of stealing it from me. I walk nice on leash, and I will most likely carry my ball with me on the trip, just in case the opportunity arises for some fetch along the way. I'm friendly with all people I've met, and would likely do good with kids as well.

🚫 🐈 Although I have a cat quality of chasing bugs, cats are out of the question, even dog savvy ones. My prey drive is high when it comes to rabbits, squirrels, birds and cats.

I'm gentle when it comes to meeting new dogs and would likely do great with a play mate with the same energy level as me. I don't show any aggression towards them and I'm not overbearing. By the way, where's my ball?

I'm good in the car, I just hope that we're headed to water for a good swim! I'm fearless when it comes to that and will dive right in. Be sure you have some length on my leash or you too might end up in the drink with me

Overall, if you're looking for a chill companion, and someone to be your trusty side kick on adventures, I'm your guy!

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Adoption costs: $650.00