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Name: Pabst
ID # A151979
Estimated Age: 2 years
Sex: Male
Estimated Breed: Terrier Mix
Weight: 33.8 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes, he is very friendly with other dogs
Good with Cats: Untested with cats but seem uninterested
Good with Children: Yes he seems to be, although there are no children in the house
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium/Low
Current Location: Calgary, AB.

Do they bark no, I have only heard him bark once or twice
Are they house-trained - Yes, Pabst has never had an accident in the house and only goes during our walks
Are they good in the car - Yes he sleeps during car rides
Are they good on a leash - Pabst is good on a leash but does pull frequently and may try to chase squirrels or rabbits. He is very interested in other dogs and often tries to pull toward them or stop walking but can be redirected after they pass.

Pabst is a sweet medium-sized dog who has an easygoing personality, he loves to sleep, relax and cuddle but also enjoys running around and playing. He is great at matching your energy. He is learning commands sit, and down and working on crate training. Pabst loves belly rubs and his squeaky lion toy. Pabst is very loving but can be a bit stubborn at times when it comes to getting in his crate, needing medicine or being brushed. He takes treats very gently but can sometimes be a bit mouthy when playing with his foster family.
Pabst is showing some signs of separation anxiety and will whine or cry out when left alone
He may be showing some signs of resource guarding around his food bowl with unfamiliar people but is very comfortable with his foster's around his food while eating.

Medical concerns
Pabst is currently getting ear drops for ear infections in both ears. He truly hates getting the drops and puts up a good fight (running away, hiding, trying to nip) The vet team is also getting him on dewormer as he has some concerns with scooting and diarrhea.

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