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Name: Alice
ID # RT20240527-1
Estimated Age: 2 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Estimated Breed: Terrier Mix
Weight: 58 lbs.
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Yes, mostly ignores
Good with Children: Yes
Special/Medical Needs:
Estimated Energy Level: Medium/High
Current Location: Calgary, AB.
Adoption Fee: $650

Is she good with other animals?

Alice has been very well behaved with all other dogs we've encountered on walks. My brother lives next door and has two bigger dogs, they've been over a for a few play dates and they always play nice and have a good time. She also shows very little interest in my cat. She gets curious and sniffs sometimes, but shows absolutely no aggression. I would be comfortable saying Alice would be more than fine living in a household with other dogs/cats.

Is she good with other people?

She is always happy to meet new people! She does get a little "mouthy" when she's really excited, meaning if she doesn't have a toy in her mouth - so will try and put your hand in there (in a playful way... never rough). She's gotten drastically better in the last 10 days, to the point where she rarely does it with me or my partner anymore - just when she's meeting someone new for the first time and she can't contain her excitement. With continued training this will be a non-issue. We often walk by an elementary school with tons of kids playing/screaming and she doesn't really react to them - but aside from that I can't comment how she is around children. Based on what I've seen, I imagine she would be completely fine interacting and being around children.

Does she bark/whine?

Alice doesn't bark/whine/growl AT ALL compared to most dogs. I've only heard her bark once in the past 10 days, which is still hard to believe. She did whine a little on the long car ride back from BARCS (totally understandable), but aside from that I haven't heard her whine a single time. Even when she is left in her room while I go run errands for a few hours, I come back to complete silence. She shows no signs of any kind of separation anxiety and I get the feeling she just sleeps when she is alone.

Is she house-trained?

She is such a good girl! She hasn't had any accidents inside and always does her business outside. She sleeps through the night completely and can always hold it until we go for the morning walk. She also shows no signs of destructive behaviour. At this point I would be comfortable letting her roam around the house while I'm gone for a few hours, and I'd be confident that everything would be intact upon my return.

Is she good on a leash?

Overall she is good on a leash. She does pull a little when there's a smell she wants to investigate, or when she see's birds/bunnies. I typically keep her on a firm short leash and she doesn't put up a fuss.

Energy Level

I would put her at a medium-high (more towards high) energy level. She does have a lot of puppy energy, so she loves to play with those who are willing. That being said, after a good walk and/or some playing - she will settle right down into a nap. She also capable of entertaining herself with chew toys.

Is she trainable?

Alice is very trainable, and a quick learner! I've already taught her how to sit, lay down, stay, and shake a paw.

What does she enjoy?

She LOVES playing tug-a-war with rope toys, and will play fetch with pretty much anything! She also loves her chew toys and going for walks.

Medical Concerns

I noticed a lump on her right hind leg, about the size of a toonie. I contacted the BARCS veterinary team and provided pictures and a video - they believe it is likely just a reaction to her recent rabies shot. They told me to continue to monitor it for now. That was a few days ago and I believe the lump is getting smaller, but I'll continue to monitor! Her incision from the spay surgery is healing nicely, no concerns there.

Good with dogs and cats (my cat at least)
Good with people
Fairly good on a leash
Does not bark/whine/growl
Sleeps through the night
Always goes to the washroom outside
Very trainable and fast learner
Loves walks, chew toys, tug-a-war and fetch
Doesn't shed
Energy level on the higher end
Has not damaged anything aside from her toys

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