Jack Spade



Male, 9 years, pit bull X, 76 lbs

Jack Spade will make a wonderful family dog. Although he does have a few small behavioral issues (details below) that I believe would improve with a more experienced handler, Jack's overall demeanor is very calm and loving. Jack still has lots of pep in his step, and is rather active for a senior dog. He loves his walks, and seeing other people. His favorite place to be is cuddled on the couch surrounded by family. Jack does not jump, bark (even at the doorbell), and is 100% house trained. He is very well mannered overall, although we think perhaps sometimes has hearing issues, so can sometimes "ignore" commands. He likes the car, and has already learned to sit calmly on car rides. Jack also likes his crate and is happy to chill in there with the door open or closed on a regular basis. He is great with kids, very loving, but likely would do better with older children to start, who can read his signs around comfortability.

One issue we have seen is that Jack can show aggression in heightened situations. Whether he becomes too excited through play with kids or other dogs, or overstimulated when he sees other dogs, he seems to have no awareness of his size, and can either scare, or injure (unintentionally through his body weight, never biting) those he is playing with. He has also shown aggression with other dogs in the home (never outside). We introduced him to an extended family pet and there were several acts of aggression (without injury). That being said the more comfortable Jack gets, the less this is an issue.

Finally, Jack is extremely strong, and pulls on the leash during walks. An experienced handler could likely curb this behavior quickly with focused training. There appears to be evidence of prior leash training, which may just need to be refreshed.

Jack would make an incredible companion for someone looking to minimize the work involved in training a new dog. He is very loving and relaxed overall and would easily slip into routine.

Jack is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $375.00