Adoption in Progress


Female, 6 years, pit bull X, 68 lbs

Aurora has really come out of her shell, she is happy to greet the staff when at her kennel, she comes forward with wagging tail. She is clean in her kennel. When she is out of her kennel and either outside or in the office she is affectionate, wants to move in close for petting, and give kisses. She is happy to meet anyone that will give her attention. She is not highly food motivated but we have found that she likes cheese and peanut butter. She knows sit but she gets so excited that she has a hard time sitting still. She is very tolerant with touch, she is relaxed with restraint, mouth exam, and feet touching. She came in with an ear infection and was tolerant for vet exams and ear treatment. She likes to be outside and is curious to explore. Not tested with cats. When she met another dog she seems friendly and wants to interact.

Once the dog arrives in care, they will go into foster care for 1 week so we can get to know their personalities better. After the first week, we will post their adoption biographies and review adoption applications or announce that the foster provider has adopted them.
At that time, if you would like to be considered in the event they are accepting applications, please fill out an adoption application.

This dog will be arriving from California on January 9.

Adoption costs: $495.00