Adoption in Progress


Male, 1 year, chihuahua/Jack Russell X

Max is such a little firecracker! Coming from the shelter in California, he was very shy and timid, but since arriving in Canada he has shown us that he’s actually got quite a big dog personality packed into a little body with a constantly wagging tail. He’s a high energy guy who absolutely lives for play time with his people. Max will need a pet-free home; he is growly towards other dogs and will bark at them on walks, and he has a high prey drive toward cats and other small animals. New people, places and situations are still a little bit scary for Max, but he warms up quickly. Max would love a family with a yard to play fetch in (he’s already a professional fetcher) and expend his puppy energy. He walks great on a leash and would be a great jogging, hiking and adventure buddy. Max is no couch potato or purse dog, he’ll need lots of exercise and mental stimulation to keep him busy and engaged with his forever family. He’s not big into naptime, but enjoys cuddles and will settle down for some quiet time with a good chew toy or stuffed Kong. Crate training has been going well, and although there’s some whining and occasional barks (especially if he hasn’t gotten sufficient exercise), he’s able to settle for a full night or work day without needing a potty break. Max hasn’t had an accident in the house since the first day when he was still learning the rules of living in a home and is now fully house trained. He has so far had good house manners as well, and has been non-destructive as long as he has something of his own to chew on. Max didn’t show any prior knowledge of basic commands, but has learned “sit” quickly, and is a natural at “come” with his love for being around people. He’s smart as a whip but needs help to work through his jumping bean energy to be able to focus. Max hasn’t been tested with children, but hasn’t shown any fear of them in passing on walks, and will likely get along just fine with anyone who can throw a ball for him! He doesn’t show any food aggression or resource guarding at all and is gentle taking treats and giving up food and toys. Max will make a wonderful family pet and would love an active family, couple or individual to keep him busy and happy!

Max is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00