Female, 2 years, Doberman/Lab X, 48 lbs

Zebra is an energetic 2-year-old that can also chill and hang out with you. She can get excited quite easily and takes a few minutes or so to calm down. She knows basic commands and a few others. She is house trained in that she knows not to go in her own space, but she doesn't really indicate when she needs to go. Sometimes she'll pace and whine a little bit but basically you have to take her out every few hours until you establish a schedule. She can hold it overnight. We have had a few accidents. She doesn't like car rides but it's not hard to get her in the car. She's great on the leash, if she gets ahead of you, just a "Hey" or a light tug on the leash and she comes right back to you. She rarely barks, usually only when she sees other dogs pass by. She wouldn't be good in a home with small children as she does periodically jump and she runs around when she gets excited and she could knock a child down. We're not totally sure about her behavior with other dogs but she does bark and lunge a little at them. She is not good with cats or other little animals; it might be best if she's the only pet in the household. She can be a little mouthy, but she doesn't apply any pressure or bite. It might be good for her if you have dog experience and can continue to work on her training. She is a great dog, cuddly and sweet, she loves to play and loves treat balls. She would make a great addition to your home.

Zebra is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00