Adoption in Progress


Female, 8 years, pit bull X

Leeloo took a couple days to get really comfortable but when she did, her personality came out in full.

She is a lower energy dog, happy throughout the day to lay in the sun and snore away. When it's time to go for a walk, she's the first one to the door, though. She loves her outside time, whether that be on the backyard or on a walk. She really loves to stop every little bit to sniff everything, but she is easy to walk. She never pulls and doesn't react to other dogs or people.

She is great with kids. She's happy for anyone who will sit by her and give her pets. Once she's comfortable, she will always be asking for belly rubs. She was not tested with cats but my guess would be that she's ok with them, as even in the backyard she didn't seem to care about the squirrels. She is very easy going.

On walks, she ignored other dogs. When introduced to other dogs in a more controlled environment, it took some time for her to get comfortable. It did eventually happen and I suspect it would happen much quicker if she was adopted into a home that already had another dog.

Leeloo doesn't bark, except to tell you that she needs to go outside for a bathroom break. And even then, it's a very gentle and lady-like bark. She is completely house trained. She did not have any accidents. She is also crate trained, very happy to sleep in there if need be. She also loves car rides.

Leeloo is an amazing dog and doesn't seem her age. Once comfortable in her new space, she's very playful and happy.

Leeloo is being fostered in Okotoks, AB.

Adoption costs: $350.00