Male, 10 months, pit bull X

Though shy at first, Coco is quick to warm up to people, especially with some ear scratches and a couple treats tossed his way. He still gets anxiety around some men and when he hears a car engine starting up, but is a lively dog that brings puppy energy to greetings and play time. He will occasionally jump on new people, though is learning "down" quickly. He is friendly with other dogs, but quickly over powers small dogs, so would be best if there were no small dogs in the home. He also has been quite fixated on the rabbits that frequent our street, so would suggest no other small animals. Coco is very well behaved! He knows his basic commands and usually performs them quickly, unless there are other animals around, then he becomes fixated and stubborn. He is treat motivated and can be easily coaxed with a bit of chicken or a liver treat. On leash he tends to pull hard, but has come a long way in the past week, only pulling when distracted. When he does pull, he is a strong boy and will need someone who can handle his strength through his leash training. He is well potty trained and accident free in the home so far. He loves to chew, but has not chewed any items not given to him. He will even leave an unattended plate of food. He is crate trained and willing to sleep and be left in the crate. When left alone he will whine for a couple of minutes before settling down for a good nap or chew (I have always left a bone or rawhide for him in the crate, otherwise he will gnaw on his blanket). He does not get on the furniture unless invited, and even then is tentative, preferring the floor or his crate for resting. He will often go into his crate for a nap if it is in the same room as us. He LOVES his play time and will need a backyard. He is very fond of tug of war with a rope and his fetching is coming along nicely (we still need to trade a treat to get a dropped ball sometimes). Coco takes a couple minutes to get used to car rides, but lays down to sleep once comfortable. He is a fairly quiet dog, except if he sees other animals. If a dog barks at him, he will match their energy. It is unknown how he is around children. Overall, Coco is a very loving dog who has shown no signs of aggression. He will put his head in your lap for some ear scratches and hugs, or else roll over and nudge your hands toward his belly. Coco is a wonderful dog, but he is also a BIG dog with energy to burn!
Points I want to emphasize:

• Pulls on leash. This is by far his biggest flaw. I am 220 lbs and consider myself strong, but he can be tough to manage when he gets excited
• He is a BIG dog. I weighed myself holding him and clocked him at 80 lbs, and he is still showing a bit of rib and a smaller waist. So his healthy weight is probably an extra 5ish lbs. The notes from the people before me say they loved him, but he was too big to keep. So I think his size should be emphasized
• Friendly with other similar sized dogs, but brings a lot of energy to play time
• Not great with small dogs or other small animals. He is playful, but his energy overwhelms, and he gets fixated on rabbits and birds.
• Shy towards certain men at first (especially men with deep voices), but has gotten lots better
• Treat motivated
• Knows his commands, but can be stubborn
• Starting to get good at fetch, just needs to work a bit more on dropping the ball once he brings it back
• Loves to play tug with a rope
• Needs a yard and active household
• Likes to hangout in his crate. Will go in there often to nap or chew on a bone if it is in the same room as I am. He will whine for about 5-10 minutes if left alone, and then goes to sleep
• Fairly quiet dog except when he sees other animals. If the dog barks at him, he will match their energy
• Loves to chew, and has torn through most toys we have given him. Has not chewed on anything not given to him
• Accident free in the house so far, great potty training
• Likes to jump up when excited, and is doing his best to learn down
• Is a bit mouthy when playing, but has decreased significantly after some correcting
• Likes scratches behind his ears and belly rubs
• Takes a couple minutes to get used to the car, but lays down to sleep once comfortable.
• He is quite anxious around starting and idling trucks
• Not yet neutered (this is covered by BARC's)

Coco is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $495.00