Jammie (Lucky)



Female, 1 year, pit bull X, 30 lbs

She is a very sweet, cuddly dog and is very smart. Not a fan of the cold which is a big reason why she’s having a hard time consistently going outside for poops. She has already learned how to shake a paw and to lie down. We are working constantly with reward-based training to help her understand her new dog life and rules. Leash walking is a process, but she is learning quickly to focus and stay close to the person walking her. She was definitely neglected in her previous life, so she has a bit of separation anxiety too. She is not destructive when alone so far just howls occasionally and seems a little sad. She loves her toys and will chew them up unless you get the tough kind. We are working on some toy and food possession when it comes to other dogs. She isn’t aggressive with people but she does occasionally nip hands and/or faces when she gets excited.

Jammie is being fostered in Kimberley, BC.

Adoption costs: $495.00