Male, 3 years, Lab X, 30 lbs

Hi there, my name is Balbo, I know it's a different name but it's very comforting for me to hear it and I already respond to my name very well.

My hobbies include napping, leisurely walks, chilling in watching a movie and sunbathing. Just please watch that I don't get carried away sunbathing, I love the warmth but my skin is a bit sensitive due to some scarring from burns when I was quite young. Thankfully I don't hold any grudges towards people at all, they are actually my very favorite!! I love kids, adults and anyone who wants to give my neck a little scratch, I just ask that you take it slow in larger groups for a little while because I'm still getting used to all the attention and love.

My foster mom says I'm very polite when it's time to eat. I let my foster sister eat first like a gentleman, but I do sneak a little lick of her bowl after she is done. I love beef liver treats! I take them so nicely and appreciate every little delicious morsel.

Even though Canada is colder than I like right now, I'm getting used to it and go to the bathroom outside on my leash. I've gone out on my own a couple times when the weather has been warmer but that white fluffy cold stuff is weird and I can't wait for it to be gone.

I've only had a few trips in my foster moms' truck but again, I'm a gentleman, I sit politely in the back seat and wait to see where we are going; as long as I'm with my humans I'm up for going anywhere!

When I first arrived in my foster home, I found that people watching out the front window was one of my favorite activities. I don't get overly excited but I sometimes let out a couple barks when someone very interesting passes by just to say hello. My foster sister sits with me in the front window and we watch the people walk by together. I enjoy my foster sister; she is smaller than me but I'm very respectful of her. I'd be happy in a home by myself or with a friendly fur-sibling. I haven't seen any cats yet in my foster mom's house but she has a chinchilla and a tortoise that are pretty cool, they are weird little creatures but being the gentleman I am I just enjoy watching them and giving them a sniff, they don't bother me at all.
Big dogs scare me a bit but my foster mom says I just need to build up some confidence which might take a bit of time.

I love short walks and am getting used to the cars passing by but truthfully indoors is still my favorite right now, there are so many soft things to sleep on!

In summary, I'm a great guy looking for a home that will give me a lot of love because sometimes I feel a bit rejected. Lots of back scratches, friendly words and as much time as possible with my people! Preferably no crating, crates give me a bit of anxiety and I'm super good when I'm not in it. I'm pretty low energy most of the time so just chilling or following you around the house is my idea of a perfect day.

I hope you'll consider adding me to your family so we can spend as much time together as possible!

Balbo is being fostered in Airdrie.

Adoption costs: $600.00