Female, 10 months, Great Dane/Lab X, 66 lbs

Hi! My name is Bonita, but my foster parents call me Bo-Bo, Bon Bon, Bow, Boneroo, Bonnie, Turkey, or anything else that's not actually my name. But I respond to pretty much anything. They tell me I'm going to my furever home soon and I'm very excited! I have 2 foster fur brothers, one bigger than me and one MUCH smaller. My big brother is great. I love playing with him, walking with him and sometimes he'll even let me snuggle a bit. My littler foster brother doesn't seem quite as excited about me but he's pretty old. I probably wouldn't do great with another senior sibling. I've got a lot of energy which can be a little overwhelming for the older generation.

I have 2 human foster siblings, too! I adore them! They run and play with me and give me the best scratches. I'm kind of big and with all this energy, I would probably need furever siblings that are confident around dogs of my size and know what to do. I love kids though! I'm a bit of a conversationalist when I get excited sometimes too. The kids try to talk like me but I think their translation is wrong. They get an A for effort! Don't worry, I'm not all spring and bounce. I love a good snuggle too. My foster Mom and Dad say I'm not a lap dog, but I don't believe them. I fit perfectly.

I'm still a bit of a puppy and with all this new stuff in my life, I'm doing my best to learn all the rules. I sleep well in my crate and hang out there when the family is away. This whole peeing outside thing is still a bit of a struggle, but my Foster mom says I'm getting better everyday. I always bring you little treasures if I have a little accident inside. My way of apologizing for the mess. I also am exploring EVERYTHING with my mouth. If I can pick it up, I will. I have lots of toys to play with but there is just so much cool stuff to check out. My foster fam says I need good structure and boundaries to figure stuff out.

I love going for walks! Mom says I'm a rock star on a leash. I can walk with my big brother no problem! Those squirrels and bunnies are pretty exciting though so I get a little amped when I see them. I get excited when I see other dogs, but I don't bark and stay pretty close and can get back to this walking business right away. I hope that you're as excited to meet me as I am to meet you!

Bonita is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00