Female, 1 year, mini German shepherd, 29 lbs

Duna is a very loving and social dog. She is very good with all type of dog sizes, but she loves playing with little dogs. She loves dog treats, especially the bacon ones. She loves meatballs, ham and cheese. She is a medium/high energy dog and very playful.

Duna was rescued in the streets she was only a 3 month puppy. She was found with a serious canine scabies and conjunctivitis and some stomach problems. She was at the veterinary hospital for over a week in critical condition, but fortunately she made it, and she is very happy now.

I recommend a family who likes to go running, hiking and doing outdoor activities. I recommend a family with kids of 7 or more years old. She loves kids and people. Anyone who adopts Duna will be very lucky because she is a very loyal and friendly dog who loves to be inside the house

This dog has just arrived in care and is currently unavailable for adoption. It will go into foster care for 1 week so we can get to know their personalities better. After the first week, we will post their adoption biographies and review adoption applications or announce that the foster provider has adopted them. At that time, if you would like to be considered in the event they are accepting applications, please fill out an adoption application.

Arrived from California February 17.

Adoption costs: $600.00