Available/Foster Home Needed


Female, 3 years, Lab X, 44 lbs

Gucci is a precious, sweet, beautiful girl. She is very outgoing and loves to meet new people but does not enjoy meeting other dogs or cats. She growls, barks, and snaps at other animals when in her reach. She should be the only animal in the house.

She is very energetic, loves to play and go for walks and would probably enjoy jogging or running with her adopter. When she is excited or wants to play she tends to jump up on people and may nibble or lick your hands. We have been working on this while she has been in foster care, but this is a behaviour that will need to continue to be corrected for the future. Due to this, she would be best in a house with older children rather than small children.

Gucci is very obedient and comes when you call her name. She is house trained, but right now only goes to the washroom when she is leashed either on walks or in the backyard. She has exhibited separation anxiety and does not like to be in the backyard by herself. This means support and extra effort will need to be put in to helping her feel comfortable going to the bathroom in the backyard on her own.

She is not leash trained yet, but we have been working on this during our walks, and she is slowly learning. She is very treat motivated which helps with the training process.

She has a habit of chewing shoes or clothing (especially socks) when on the ground, so this is another behaviour that will have to be continuously corrected.

Gucci loves to be at the center of attention and will make her presence known. She enjoys belly rubs, ear scratches and being cuddled. She is such a sweetheart and is very loyal to her owner. She deserves a home that will be able to provide her the time and patience that she needs to unlearn some of her behaviours, while giving her the unconditional love she deserves.

Gucci is being fostered in Airdrie, AB.

Adoption costs: $600.00