Female, 2.5 years, pit bull X, 39 lbs

Lola is a dog that can play with small, large and medium dogs. She is super friendly. She can be very territorial when she eats, so we recommend that other dogs do not approach when she is eating. She is very sweet. She likes to jump a lot and you also have to be careful as she can jump up to 2.5 meters bars to go to the other side.

It was reported to us that Lola was living on the streets and she had very advanced scabies. Lola was too thin. Her owners abandoned her, and no one wanted her because of her scabies. They threw stones and beat her. After we rescued her, she began to eat well and improve her health.

Her ideal family is one that has teenagers or kids older than 12 years old because Lola is a very strong dog and she’s very smart so she can escape. She is a territorial and dominant dog especially around other female dogs; she is the alpha and if around other female alphas, will fight for dominance. Lola needs to be with a family that has dogs that are her same size or bigger, preferably male. In the case of being female, they need to not be alphas or territorial. She is really friendly and is trained, but she is really loyal and protective of her owner, so it is important that you introduce strangers slowly since she will try to protect her family. She is a lovely dog and looks for love from people. She is very sweet, she just needs a family that understands her.

This dog has just arrived in care and is currently unavailable for adoption. It will go into foster care for 1 week so we can get to know their personalities better. After the first week, we will post their adoption biographies and review adoption applications or announce that the foster provider has adopted them. At that time, if you would like to be considered in the event they are accepting applications, please fill out an adoption application.

Arrived from California February 17.

Adoption costs: $600.00