Leo (Beba)



Male, 2 years, mixed breed, 30 lbs

Leo has come a long way since I began fostering him. Leo is willing and eager to please. Leo has a high prey drive, but he has spent time with a smaller dog and showed no aggression towards her. The other dog however, took the alpha roll very quickly and Leo became very submissive. Leo needs a home with no cats or other small animals. He gets very excited when he sees birds, rabbits, etc. I am able to get him to redirect quickly when on leash, so I do believe it is a behavior that could be changed with the right handler. We also have worked on food aggression, he was hand feed for about 4 days and has improved tenfold with very little aggression shown now, mostly excitement because it could be a treat.

Leo will whine at the door when he wants to go outside and for a walk. He knows the backdoor is outside and the front door is for a walk. He also knows what is leash is for and becomes very excited. He is a very high energy dog and requires at least two good walks a day and a lot of physical and mental stimulation.

For the most part, Leo is a quiet dog. He will bark when startled or if he hears traffic at night that he can't figure out. But he's becoming used to that noise and has settled down with the barking.

Leo is very good in the car. He will sit and look out the window for hours and nap in the seat next to you. He will try and take over the driving if you let him. He does have a weird thing for jumping in the trunk if he thinks you're going anywhere.

Leo is house trained and crate trained. He shows no signs of separation anxiety and is more than willing to sleep in his crate at night and during the day. In fact, most mornings I have to coax him out of his bed to get him to go outside. He will then go back to bed while I'm getting ready for work.

Overall, Leo is still a very young dog that is more than willing to learn. He's a quick study but will push the boundaries. He so just wants to be loved and accepted. Leo needs a consistent alpha human that is willing to work through some bad habits but love Leo enough to put in the effort. The rewards will be a forever faithful and loving companion.

He needs a home with no cats, rodents, birds or small children. Older children he'd be ok with as they will play with him.

Leo is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00