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Male, 2 years, Havanese X, 19 lbs

Coconut (aka Shaggy) is a very friendly and goofy little guy. He needed a little extra time to decompress from his long journey and has started showing us his funny personality lately. He loves being outside and loves walks, however, he does need a bit of work on loose leash walking. He hasn’t reacted negatively to anything while walking at this point, including adults, kids, other dogs, and cats.

He wants love and affection and would likely really enjoy a couch to snuggle on and people to cuddle with. He sleeps through the night quietly and without a fuss in his pen/crate. He has been crated during car rides and is quiet the whole time.

He is still learning a lot about proper manners living in a home, such as marking in the house and jumping on furniture (he hasn’t been allowed on furniture quite yet).

Coconut has been living with 2 pitties and our 7-year-old daughter and has enjoyed everyone’s company. He met a cat that he seemed very interested in but didn’t show significant signs of aggression so it may be something that could be worked on.

All dogs he has met so far he is friendly with, however he likes to show dominance and will try humping and will need someone to work on his proper socialization skills with him. Soft and gentle corrections are best with him, he hasn’t responded positively to some corrections if they’re too harsh.

Coconut would do best in a home that can provide training for him to learn proper socialization and build his confidence with people and dogs. He hasn’t been concerned about children and hasn’t shown any signs of fear or nervousness towards anything he has encountered with us yet.

He is very playful with us but can mouth while he plays, usually it’s very gentle but he could use some work with that as well. He is a cute, playful and energetic boy that would love a family who is active as well.

Coconut is being fostered in Airdrie.

Adoption costs: $600.00