Female, 4 years, chihuahua X

Gina is a sweetheart who thinks she is smaller than she is. She really loves cuddles, kisses, belly rubs, lap time and the warmth of a home. We've also taught her sit, down and paw, she understands physical cues more than verbal. She is also very quiet, gentle, not a barker and prefers female humans over males. We are unsure of her interactions with dogs and cats. She hates the cold, so she is a not fan of going outside at this time. She walks well on a leash but gets fearful on walks when there are other strangers and cars passing by. She's a chewer so she needs a home that is careful with putting things away and providing her with sturdy chew toys. She is crate trained but she prefers being with her humans to her crate. She needs to work on her potty training, we think the weather might be a factor and she's currently in heat so that may be a factor as well (she will be spayed by BARC’s Rescue). She's a scavenger so she eats anything she can find inside and outside and has an over-eager appetite (a slow feeder or hand feeding is needed). She may be good with older children (12+); however, younger children are not recommended because she gets overexcited and not aware of her body. We are not aware of how she is like in a car, however, when we transferred her in a crate she was fine.

Gina is being fostered in Edmonton.

Adoption costs: $600.00