Female, 3 years, Lab X, 38 lbs

Sarah is calm, curious and friendly. A lot of experiences she encounters seem to be new, but she has become a new dog as she gets used to living in a house. When Sarah feels safe she will happily play with our small dog. They chase each other around the backyard with glee. She has started playing with the adults in the family and warms up to new adults fairly quickly.

Sarah grabs any items that are within a safe distance from her kennel and is not possessive of what she has. Whenever she takes something she is not supposed to have, like socks, they can easily be retrieved from her kennel.

Sarah is house trained and does well in the car. She has not barked yet and has not met a cat. She has never shown any sign of aggression, only backing away when she does not want to be touched. Sarah does not jump on furniture.

She still needs consistent, tough love through transitions. Going through doorways is her biggest trouble, mostly coming back inside after a break in the backyard.

On walks Sarah is ok on a leash and pulls to go explore everything, even when her tail is between her legs.

When she is scared, she is a different dog. She seeks out enclosed areas: her kennel, the other dog's kennel, under a table or under the trampoline. She will not eat or be cajoled by treats, just shuts down and refuses to move. In the evenings she will hide and refuse to come inside if she can get to an enclosed area.

Sarah needs a large yard where she can run safely. Having a friendly companion dog would help draw her out of her shell. Little kids scare Sarah, but she is, very slowly, getting used to them. She is intimidated by negative reactions.

Overall, Sarah will be a great addition to an active family without small children.

Sarah is being fostered in Calgary.

Adoption costs: $600.00